Hair Painting 101: Theory, Techniques & Trends

Dawn believes in fostering a creative atmosphere in her courses, focused on hands-on learning and preparing students to leave the class feeling comfortable enough to apply what they've learned in the salon the next day.

You won't find any patterns, pictures of heads, hand-outs, textbooks, slideshow presentations or mannequins in this class. You'll have the opportunity to apply hair painting techniques on two live models - Dawn believes that as you learn so much from your first model, that having the opportunity to try a second in the same class furthers understanding and learning as much as possible. This also provides the student with the chance to try the techniques out in a different way, create a different look, and work with a different hair texture or length.

Dawn's approach to hair painting challenges students to incorporate new ways to manipulate their tools that contradicts previously learned techniques. Students will learn how to mix the product, how to apply it and how to achieve seamless integration of colour. The course will also cover current trends, such as balayage.

This interactive class is perfect for the creative thinker because it encapsulates the artistic aspects of the hair industry. 

Dawn will share with you how this specific technique of hair painting completely transformed her business and set her up for growth and success.


Hair Painting 201: Consultations, Corrections & Conversions

Come learn with Dawn during this hands-on, advanced hair painting class which builds upon the foundation built in Hair Painting 101, a prerequisite for this class. Now that you have the basics covered, start by learning how to effectively communicate with your guests by performing custom consultations to manage their expectations, giving you a strong foundation through thorough communication. Dawn will share with you her custom-built consultation form and leave you with how to build your own to ensure effective communication is achieved and loyal guests are made.  

Once communication is covered, Dawn will get right into teaching you how to effectively convert previously foil-highlighted clients to hair painting without making their hair high maintenance, showing you how she melts together colours, blends demarcation lines and creates reverse balayage. A day full of demos and hands-on experience will leave you feeling confident to take your hair painting to the next level.


Hair Painting Outside the Lines

Dawn has listened to your feedback and revamped her signature hair painting 101 and 201 classes into a full day of learning. This includes step by step direction with two live demos, a customized workbook so you can take home all of what you learned, and ample q&a time to ensure you get all the information you need on hair painting, consultations, mixing product, sectioning, toning, and how to customize it all to each of your clients' perfectly unique heads.

This class is designed to give you the skills and the confidence to take what you've learned and make it work for you. After all, it's not about following the rules, it's about making your own.

These techniques that are in high-demand and best learned in this small and intimate class setting.

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If you're looking for a morning full of theory and techniques to perfect, this is not the education for you! Dawn will leave you inspired and ready to expand your creative boundaries with her interactive approach to advancing your career.