Never have a client take advantage of you again!

You know that sick feeling in your stomach that happens after you realize a client has totally taken advantage of you? Ya, it’s the worst isn’t it?

It feels like they are all out to get you, doesn’t it? Like their mission in life is to ask way too much of us! Who texts their hairstylist at 11 pm at night asking to get squeezed in last minute for the next day, and actually thinks it can happen!?

Come ON people.

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When Your Client Demands a Fix & It's Not Your Fault

Who doesn’t want every client to fall in love with them? You gotta agree there’s not a lot out there that feels as good as when a client says to you:

“Dawn, you’re the only one who can do my hair. No one, I mean NO ONE has ever been able to get it right like you do!”

I love those clients. They make my feel like I've fulfilled my calling and I'm a magical goddess.

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How To Enforce A Cancelation Policy

The connection we make with our clients is pretty special but...

Often it overshadows that we are running a business. I believe in true, deep, meaningful connections and I love my clients. I wouldn’t be able to do hair any other way.

But I also know from 18 years in the industry that we need to make our businesses more of a priority.

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how to succeed as a work-from-home stylist

It’s been a minute since my last episode, (life has its ups and downs, you know?) but I’m back! And I’m SO excited for this episode with my friend Jamie from Sheariously.

Jamie and I met a while back  in one of my hair painting classes. She’s been a stylist for 13 years and has been a successful work-from-home stylist for the past six years.

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my most embarrassing failure ever

Can I tell you an embarrassing story?

(I kinda feel like we’re at a sleepover and talking about our most embarrassing moments. I’ll go first.)

I used to be a really bad boss.

Way back when I first started my business, I quickly arrived at that awkward stage where you need the money to hire someone, but you have to hire someone to get money. You know the feeling?

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does money make you sweaty?

So, the title of this episode probably caught your attention. Yup, this episode is all about the anxiety around making money.

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

If you’re anything like me, you were taught not to talk about money, especially if you make a lot of it. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or worse, make them think you’re ripping them off.

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how to avoid anxiety when building a clientele

Creativity and anxiety tend to come together, and sometimes it makes creativity feel like a curse.

And it doesn’t help that creative careers involve a lot of anxiety-inducing activities, like putting yourself out there and talking to people when you’d rather hide from everyone and just create stuff.

In this edition of The Anxious Creative, you’re going to learn all about overcoming the anxiety of building your clientele.

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how specializing eased my anxiety

Today on this solo Dawn episode, I’m talking about why I decided slow down my business and specialize in hair painting.

Quick background: Like pretty much everything that’s changed my life and business, I got into hair styling kind of by accident. I took a class in high school, went to hair school after I graduated, and took some time to travel around and keep learning.

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embracing your uniqueness in the beauty industry with Sarayah

I’m so excited for you guys to hear from today’s guest, Sarayah!

She’s been in the industry for six years, and she’s only 22! Sarayah is from New Jersey and got started at 16 in a high school vocational program that allowed her to graduate with a high school diploma and a cosmetology license.

She started by sweeping and doing bowls in salons, then moved up to assisting. She decided to start an Instagram account and got some traction, and the salon that fired her as an assistant actually invited her back as a stylist. Nuts, right?

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how to be an amazing communicator

He’s back!

In this episode, I chat with my boyfriend Nick about one of my all-time favorite topics: communication.

Nick is a minister, which means he has to communicate a lot with staff, volunteers, and the people in his congregation. With lots of practice, trial, and error, he’s learned a thing or two about communicating.

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the struggle with perfectionism with Constance Robbins

I’m so excited for you guys to meet one of my favorite people ever, Constance Robbins!

Constance reached out to me on Instagram about three years ago and we were instant friends. (Wow, just realized I make a lot of friends on Instagram!)

Constance is a California girl and just opened a gorgeous, all-white, 1300 square foot salon. Pretty cool, right? She’s been a hairstylist for about 15 years and is a freaking badass colorist! (Check out her Instagram page, seriously).

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How to Clearly Communicate with Your Clients

It’s safe to say everyone craves feeling understood, right?

It took me a long time of working as a hairstylist to realize that the biggest factor of my success was my communication.

And when I say that I mean, learning how to communicate. It wasn’t something I was ever taught or something I knew to be important. I just assumed (that’s a scary word to use and something I’ve learned I should never do) that people knew what I was talking about and if they didn’t it wasn’t my fault, it was theirs for not understanding.

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