becky and bringing back the overshare

Guess what?

Becky, my first ever podcast guest, is back for round 2!

In this episode, we touched base on mental illness. We’ve both struggled with depression and anxiety for years, and both tried all kinds of things to manage so we can live our lives as functioning humans.

We’ve had tons of conversations like these. Mental illness sucks, and if your struggled you know. But I do love that we can share and bond over these experiences. At the end of the day don’t we all crave to feel understood and know we aren’t alone?

Becky and I both know struggle with feeling like we don’t fit in, and what it’s like to do life differently so we can still thrive. We arent alone are we?

We covered a lot of ground in our 30 minute conversation. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Our experiences with medication, side effects, the trial and error process of finding what works, and the stigma surrounding medication and mental illness in general.

  • What depression actually feels like. (If you’ve experienced it, you know it’s way more than “feeling sad.”)

  • The self-care tips that help us thrive.

  • The connection between creativity, empathy, and mental illness. (Watch the movie Melancholia, by the way.)

  • How I decided to go against the grain in my industry and the practices I’ve used to make my salon a safe space where my clients can relax and escape, and where I can protect my own energy as well.

  • The hidden advantages of mental illness (yes, there is an upside!).

Mental illness is a multifaceted issue that I could talk about all day. (Good thing I have a podcast about it, huh?)

I’m so glad I got to have this conversation with Becky! Listen in here!

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