gina and social anxiety

Gina Devine is back!

I absolutely loved talking with my fellow anxious creative, Gina, way back in episode 13. So of course, I had to have her back for an encore!

This time, our conversation is all about dealing with social anxiety when you’re an entrepreneur, a stylist, and when your livelihood depends on talking to people.

Gina has struggled with social anxiety for as long as she can remember, but that hasn’t held her back from creating a successful career in the beauty industry. Gina has learned to take care of herself while balancing her need for introspection and solitude with the needs of her clients and career.

Trust me, she has some amazing tips. She even has separate cell phones for work and personal use!

Here are just a few things we covered in our awesome conversation:

  • The internal dialogue that happens when we’re stuck in awkward social interactions. “Don’t be weird. Don’t act strange.” If you have these thoughts in social settings, you’re not alone!

  • The fun conundrum of self-awareness: noticing anxiety seems to make it worse, but noticing is also the key to managing that anxiety. Seriously, what?!

  • How Gina taught herself to be okay around new people, which is SUPER important for any stylist!

  • Her favorite tips for “detoxing” from social interaction.

  • The modern challenge of social media, technology and constantly being “plugged in” for a person with social anxiety. Gina has figured out how to maintain a social media presence without constantly scrolling and posting. Believe it or not, balance IS possible!

  • The healing and calming power of creating just for yourself.

Gina is living proof that you can totally kick ass at life with social anxiety. You can be successful and take care of yourself. You can grow your business without being plugged into your phone 24/7.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!

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