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This week on the podcast, I had an awesome conversation with Alicia Soulier, owner of Capelli Salon Studio and founder of the incredible SalonScale app. Alicia is an entrepreneur and award winning hair stylist, and I had a blast talking with her.

A year ago, Alicia’s life changed. She received the biggest whammy of an idea to help struggling salons get a handle on their overhead costs. Immediately, she knew she was going to change the industry.

And she maaaay have left the client she was working with in the chair to go write out her idea. Don’t worry, she got someone else to finish the blow dry. ;)

Less than a year later, SalonScale was born. This revolutionary app connects with a bluetooth scale on which stylists weigh their color bowls so they can instantly calculate the exact cost of that color.

This is HUGE. Let me tell you, running a salon ain’t cheap. Color mixing isn’t cheap, and it’s so easy to accidentally charge way less than you should and end up not making enough money.

8 out of 10 salons fail, you guys, and high overhead costs are part of the reason. This app is amazing. I’ve been using it for weeks and I absolutely love it! This app empowers stylists to take control of their business and finances and be successful.

Here are some other highlights of our conversation:

-How Alicia is spreading her wings creatively, which inspired her entire currently style collection, all based on birds. This gets super deep and inspiring. I love it!

-Knowing when it’s the right time to make a huge leap like starting a business.

-Alicia’s journey from idea to a finished app, including finding the right company to build it and getting things squared away. There were definitely bumps and challenges along the way (like stuff not getting built when they said it was, and qualities you definitely DON’T want in a tech company). I’m happy to report that she came out on the other side with confidence.

-The unique issues women face in business and entrepreneurship, including sexism and the balance of emotions and relationships with business.

-That little voice we all have in our heads and how we can work with fear (because let’s be honest, it ain’t going anywhere).

-Making hard decisions as a business owner...and being okay with it.

We got ridiculously deep, kind of silly, and really, really honest. I think Alicia is an amazing business owner and person, and SalonScale has been a game changer for me!

Wanna free trial with salon scale?  Ya you do! Get yours here.

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