a chat with my therapist


In this very special episode, I chat with my very own therapist, McKenzie!

I’ve been seeing McKenzie for 2-3 years (neither of us can quite remember, lol). I started seeing her after ending up in the hospital with a panic attack. McKenzie specializes in treating anxiety and trauma with talk therapy and other methods like EMDR.

Before this episode, she was a podcast virgin! ;) So I hope you enjoy her very first podcast episode ever!

In this conversation, we dig into the roots of anxiety, what trauma actually is and how it works, and why freaking everyone needs to go to therapy whether they think they need it or not.

Here are a few other nuggets we talked about:

  • The actual definitions of anxiety and trauma. (Spoiler alert: Trauma isn’t just horrific stuff like car accidents or natural disasters. It’s something you’ve probably experienced without even knowing it.)

  • Therapy myths and common negative opinions and fears toward therapy.

  • Childhood trauma, and why pretty much all of us have it.

  • Where anxiety comes from and how trauma can get stuck in our systems for YEARS.

  • Where trauma “lives” in the brain, why talk therapy isn’t always effective for treating it, and the types of therapy that actual do help people process and release trauma.

  • Why a lot of us can’t remember our traumas.

  • The difference between counseling and therapy (this was news to me too!) and how different types of therapy can help with anxiety and trauma recovering.

  • Why it’s vital to feel your feelings.

We get into some really cool stuff in this podcast that I hadn’t thought of before. I learned so much about trauma, anxiety, and therapy! Therapy has been a game changer in my own life, and it’s so cool to hear about this stuff from a therapist’s point of view. I hope you enjoy this episode!

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