how I accidentally upleveled my business

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It’s the Dawn show today! Just me for this episode, but trust me, it’s a good one.

You probably know that I have a mandatory paid consultation for new clients.

I implemented this a few years ago when my business was going through a growth spurt and I just couldn’t keep up with all the new clients.

I know, tons of new clients. Boo-hoo, right?

The problem was, a lot of these new clients were walk-ins or just one-timers, so they wouldn’t come back after I did their hair once.

I also had so many new clients that my beloved regulars couldn’t get in and were forced to go to someone else because they couldn’t wait months for an appointment.

So I was losing loyal clients, dealing with new people ALL the time, and not getting new regulars. Yikes!

In this episode, I talk in detail about how my business changed after I started this policy.

And it was all by accident.

In this episode, I share with you:

  • What I hoped to accomplish by requiring a paid consultation vs what ACTUALLY happened. (The results totally blew my mind!)

  • Why paid consultations actually got me MORE clients, and the kind I actually wanted to work with.

  • How the consultations made my clients so much more comfortable than they’d ever felt with a stylist.

  • Why communication with your clients, especially about the scary stuff, is sooooo important. You can’t skip it!

  • How this policy solidified my intentions as a stylist and helps me help my clients.

I’m super passionate about these consultations because they’ve completely revolutionized my business.

And I know they can change your business too!

That’s why I created a course to help you seamlessly implement these consultations into your business so you can make more money, get the clients you want, and have fewer “Oh shit” moments when you’re doing hair.

That means less stress + more joy and money in your business. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Learn how to Rock Your Consultation here.

It’s time for you to uplevel your business on purpose!

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