how my ego got in the way of my success


Hey hey, it’s another super special Dawn episode! I’m having so much fun doing these solo episodes, and you guys seem to be loving them!

This episode is all about how my ego got in the way of my success.

Now, ego isn’t the most fun thing to talk about sometimes, so this gets kinda vulnerable.

Let me take you back a few years to my move to Calgary from a way smaller city.

When I got to this new big city, I was intimidated. I was insecure, and I wanted to make a good impression and stand out in the beauty industry here. I came to Calgary with something to prove.

The problem was, I was so terrified that I overcompensated by acting uber-confident and refusing to let anyone see that I wasn’t perfect. I had the fake it ‘til you make it attitude.

And this tripped me up BIG TIME.

In this episode, I talk about…

-Ego trip #1: this dumb idea I had that basement hairdressers = second class stylists, which prevented me from advertising my home business. (Not a good way to be successful!)

-How my ego caused me to build up my competition in my mind, psych myself out, and miss some awesome opportunities for connection and collaboration with other stylists.

-My big “Shit hitting the fan” moment when I thought my career in Calgary was over, and how I recovered.

-How my ego actually fed my people pleasing tendencies, burnout, and the resulting anxious meltdown

-How getting honest with myself and allowing myself to be imperfect led to better communication with clients and accelerated success!

The truth is, we’ll never reach the point where our ego doesn’t influence us. But we CAN learn to be honest with ourselves and others, embrace vulnerability, and learn from our mistakes.

And that’s when we can actually allow ourselves to be successful.

Funny how that works, right?

I hope you enjoy this solo episode as much as I loved making it!

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