how to be an amazing communicator


He’s back!

In this episode, I chat with my boyfriend Nick about one of my all-time favorite topics: communication.

Nick is a minister, which means he has to communicate a lot with staff, volunteers, and the people in his congregation. With lots of practice, trial, and error, he’s learned a thing or two about communicating.

Neither of us were taught about communication while growing up, which is pretty typical I think, so we both had to learn this as adults. And let me tell you, I learn a LOT about communication from our relationship.

We have a lot of fun in this conversation, (according to Nick, I CAN rap, btw) but we actually talk about a lot of important stuff too.

Here are just a few topics we explore in this episode:

  • Nick’s experience living in an intentional community, and what a communication boot camp that was. It ended up being a disaster, but it was a huge learning experience!

  • Times I had miscommunications with my own staff. It’s easy to do! People can’t read your mind.You might think you’re on the same page and be on COMPLETELY different levels.

  • The importance of tone when you’re communicating. This trips me up all the time!

  • A big miscommunication with Nick’s church involving a funeral. Ouch! It never hurts to double check, especially when emotions are running high.

  • You can’t control how someone perceives and interprets something.

  • Learning, failing, trying again, allowing yourself to mess up and make mistakes so you can learn from them.

  • One of the hardest parts of communication: Learning to put words to experiences and so you can communicate them.

  • Why a huge part of learning is allowing yourself to be human. That way, you can learn from your mistakes!

I think communication is one of the most (if not THE most) crucial life skills to learn if we want to be happy and successful.

I hope you get some great tips from this episode!

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