my scary but rewarding journey with anxiety

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This week, we’re getting right into it with my anxiety journey.

You probably know that anxiety is a big thing for me. I was always a shy, nervous kid, and those traits stayed with me through my teens and into adulthood as I developed full-blown anxiety.

Now, I prefer to avoid labels because I think they’re limiting and we can use them as a crutch. I don’t like to say “I have anxiety,” I say “I deal with anxiety” or “I struggle with anxiety” because I don’t want it to become my identity.

I know, I called my podcast The Anxious Creative, but sometimes you just need a catchy title, you know?

So I want to chat openly about anxiety, the stigma surrounding it, and how it shows up and affects us, but it doesn’t have to hold us back. I know I’m not alone in this journey, so I hope this episode can shed some light on a topic that needs to be addressed more.

I discuss anxiety a lot, but in this episode, I talk about a lot of stuff I’ve never shared with you before.

Here’s where we go in this episode:

  • My first memories of anxiety and irrational fear.

  • How I got into compulsive hair pulling, or Trichotillomania. (I know right, I’m a hairstylist!) Also, the amazing thing I learned about this that made sooo much sense.

  • Why I LOOOOVE therapy and think everyone can benefit from it.

  • Why being insecure and self-conscious is actually pretty selfish. (Did your brain just explode? Because mine sure did when I learned this!)

  • How learning to be less judgemental helped me feel way less anxious

Anxiety is complicated. It shows up in so many different ways and teaches us tons of amazing lessons. It’s also tough to deal with sometimes.

Hopefully, we can all start talking about this more, exploring how anxiety manifests in our lives, and discovering where we can heal!

Until next time :)

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