how to get others to trust and respect you

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Warning: This episode is a doozy.

You’re going to see Emotional Dawn, Passionate Dawn, Ranty Dawn, and Vulnerable Dawn. I’m working on being more even honest and vulnerable with you, so I’m seriously oversharing today. But you seem to be into that :)

Today, we’re talking all about how to get others to trust and respect you.

Trust me, I had to learn this lesson the hard way, and I’m going to share that story with you so you can hopefully learn a lot faster than I did.

Buckle up, because this is quite a ride.

A few stops along the way:

  • We’re taking a trip down memory lane with my rough dating history and the relationships that taught me self-respect the hard way.

  • The red flags that told me I wasn’t getting the respect I deserved in those relationships.

  • My breaking point when I finally realized I could stand up for myself, and the resulting fallout.

  • What to do when you start asking for respect and getting pushback from others.

  • The phone call with Nick (my current partner) where my self-respect journey finally gelled, (This is by far my longest and best relationship. I don’t think that’s an accident :) )

  • How we teach people how to treat us.

  • Why it’s okay to lose people in our lives when we start setting boundaries and demanding respect.

  • Why you have to trust yourself before a client can trust you.

I’m going to give away the ending: In order to get others to respect you, you have to respect yourself first.

Yes, really. It sounds like the moral of a Disney movie, but it’s true.

This lesson has changed my life and business forever, and I want you to learn it! I know how hard this is for introverts and people pleasers (AKA us!), but I know you can do it. Because I trust and respect you :)

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