my most embarrassing failure ever


Can I tell you an embarrassing story?

(I kinda feel like we’re at a sleepover and talking about our most embarrassing moments. I’ll go first.)

I used to be a really bad boss.

Way back when I first started my business, I quickly arrived at that awkward stage where you need the money to hire someone, but you have to hire someone to get money. You know the feeling?

And let’s just say that my first hire didn’t work out. Neither did my second. Or my third.

In fact, I had a really hard time making it work with new employees, and I was super embarrassed about this because how on earth was I supposed to grow my business and achieve my dreams if I couldn’t even be a good boss to ONE employee?

It was humiliating. I thought something was seriously wrong with me.

But I learned from those failures. And you know what? It turned my whole business around.

Here’s what you’ll get in this episode:

  • The story of my first couple hires and why they didn’t work out. (Spoiler: It was totally me, not them.)

  • The fear that comes with failure, and how I slowly learned from it.

  • My AHA moment: I don’t love being a boss, but I DO love encouraging, teaching, and empowering. I was actually able to make that work for me and my business!

  • My amazing new team that makes my business run like a dream.

  • A few of my favorite tips for being a good boss when it’s time to hire.

  • How I let go of my control freak mindset (okay, kind of) and dropped my unrealistic expectations for my team.

  • Why failure is essential to success. (Every successful person I know has failed a TON!)

My most embarrassing failure has turned into my greatest success.

Without those failures and everything I learned, my business wouldn’t be what it is today, and I wouldn’t be who I am today either.

Failure and embarrassment suck. Nobody likes feeling embarrassed. But our failures have so much to teach us, and I hope that’s what you’ll get from this episode.

Failure is all around us, and if we let it stop us, we won’t get the amazingness that lies on the other side.