how to be organized when you're a hot mess


Since you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you feel a bit scattered.

You have lots to do, lots of ideas, and sometimes you get paralyzed because there’s just so much going on!

You’re not in that boat alone, girl.

Organization doesn’t come naturally to me AT ALL. I was a pretty messy kid. I also tend to see the big picture and the end result I’m aiming for, but I have a really, REALLY hard time figuring all the steps to getting there and putting them in the right order

I had to learn to get organized. Yes, I have a great team to help me keep my shit together, but I had to get organized enough to get that team in the first place!

So from a creative to a creative, I want to show you how I got organized. And this isn’t a set of Marie Kondo-style organization tips, this is all about mindset.

Because you’ve got to get your head in the right place if you want to create lasting change.

And if I can get organized, trust me, so can you.

Here’s what I’m oversharing about today:

  • How to dump the excuses and self-imposed labels that keep you stuck in a mess

  • All about my unhelpful narrative that I was lazy and a hot mess

  • Why it’s important to honor your own personal flow and balance. You aren’t the same person every day, and you won’t feel 100% productive every day. That’s normal!

  • How to embrace your ebbs and flows

  • Why a timer is your best friend

  • The soccer ball analogy that helps me actually FINISH stuff instead of leaving a bunch of things half-done.

The bottom line is, if you think you’re a messy, disorganized person who can’t get it together, you’re right! It’s all about your mindset and the story you tell yourself.

You’re smart enough to figure it out. Organization is all about what works for you!

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