how to succeed as a work-from-home stylist


It’s been a minute since my last episode, (life has its ups and downs, you know?) but I’m back! And I’m SO excited for this episode with my friend Jamie from Sheariously.

Jamie and I met a while back  in one of my hair painting classes. She’s been a stylist for 13 years and has been a successful work-from-home stylist for the past six years. She’s kicked ass in my Rock Your Business AND Rock Your Consultation programs  and she has some amazing insights on what it takes to run a successful, sustainable business from home.

Recording a podcast can be kind of nerve wracking, so we even did a shot of tequila before we got into it (and we recorded this on a Monday morning!). This episode is extra fun and packed with useful tidbits!

Here’s what we chatted about:

  • How Jamie quit her salon job on the spot, immediately transitioned to working at home, and stayed organized during the transition.

  • The dreaded work-from-home stylist stigma and how to overcome it.

  • How to set boundaries and still appear super professional when you work from a home salon.

  • Why tidiness is CRUCIAL for getting and retaining clients. (Confession: I’ve stopped seeing a home based business before because her house was so messy. Major turn-off!)

  • How paid consultations help Jamie run a sustainable business, save tons of time, and make more money.

  • How Rock Your Business helped her simplify and streamline her entire business.( She is now bringing 40% more in her income each month!)

  • Why salon stylists still need to learn business skills (because you’re still running a business!).

  • The hiring tips I wish I would have known when I got started!

  • Tips for talking to your clients in a way they can understand (spoiler alert: not everyone understands stylist lingo).

This episode is so jam-packed full of tips, and I had a great time talking with Jamie (and that’s not just the tequila talking!).

You don’t have to own a salon to be a crazy-successful stylist. You can absolutely work from your home salon and totally kill it if you have the right tools! Give this episode a listen and go say hi to Jamie at @_sheariously!