The Problem with Trying to be the Best

Are you doing your best or trying to be the best?

Theres a big difference. Trying to be the best in your field can be setting an unachievable goal. Who gets to determine who the best is anyway? Who are you giving your control over to? What gives anyone or any group the power to give out that title? It's all subjective.💗
When you focus on doing your best you have a lot more room for grace. Room to recognize your humanness and that being the best doesn't actually exist other than within standards that a group of people have predetermined. Why do they get to decide anyway? You see, waiting for validation from outside sources takes away for your unique ability to create and be the best YOU, which makes you the best you there is. 
To be truly innovative you won't be 'on trend' and often won't be recognized immediately, if at all. Don't get lost in creating for others. Your best work lies in creating for yourself. I promise. 
And remember be gently with yourself 😘💗