The blowdryer nozzle - what the heck is it for?

Ever wondered what the heck you do with that little attachment that comes with your blowdryer and what it's purpose is? How many of you have thrown it out thinking it was useless? (don't be shy, I know theres a lot of you:-) )

After sharing with many of my clients  the importance of the nozzle I figured theres probably so many more of you that should hear this information.

So Ive made a little video for you to watch. :-)

I filmed it a while back, when I first cut my bangs and was loving them...Actually, seeing this video now makes me want to trim them up, but if you follow me on instagram,  you know the struggle I've been having with my bangs since cutting them and, I have made so many of you  promise to never let me cut them again! 

Anyway, heres the video, let me know what you think...