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my most embarrassing failure ever

Can I tell you an embarrassing story?

(I kinda feel like we’re at a sleepover and talking about our most embarrassing moments. I’ll go first.)

I used to be a really bad boss.

Way back when I first started my business, I quickly arrived at that awkward stage where you need the money to hire someone, but you have to hire someone to get money. You know the feeling?

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how to be an amazing communicator

He’s back!

In this episode, I chat with my boyfriend Nick about one of my all-time favorite topics: communication.

Nick is a minister, which means he has to communicate a lot with staff, volunteers, and the people in his congregation. With lots of practice, trial, and error, he’s learned a thing or two about communicating.

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the struggle with perfectionism with Constance Robbins

I’m so excited for you guys to meet one of my favorite people ever, Constance Robbins!

Constance reached out to me on Instagram about three years ago and we were instant friends. (Wow, just realized I make a lot of friends on Instagram!)

Constance is a California girl and just opened a gorgeous, all-white, 1300 square foot salon. Pretty cool, right? She’s been a hairstylist for about 15 years and is a freaking badass colorist! (Check out her Instagram page, seriously).

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Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here:

I bet a lot of you don’t have boundaries.

That’s exactly how I used to be. I lived most of my life not even knowing what boundaries were. If someone asked something of me, I had to say yes. I didn’t even know “no” was an option, and I doubt I’m on the only one.

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How to Deal With Overwhelm

It sucks. Just last week I was sitting on my couch trying to get some work done and I was suddenly so frustrated. You know that feeling when you want to throw something across the room or break something but instead you burst into tears because it's just too much?

Yeah, that was me. A crying mess, teardrops staining my beautiful tan leather couch. Both Nick and Leroy were staring at me, not really sure if they should console me or be terrified of me.

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a chat with my therapist

In this very special episode, I chat with my very own therapist, McKenzie!

I’ve been seeing McKenzie for 2-3 years (neither of us can quite remember, lol). I started seeing her after ending up in the hospital with a panic attack. McKenzie specializes in treating anxiety and trauma with talk therapy and other methods like EMDR.

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5 Mantras Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Earlier this year, I did an Instagram live about my creative process, and I shared that I like to use mantras to help keep my mind focused and on track.

It was one of those moments when I said something in passing, assuming no one would care or even listen to such a tiny detail, and I got a huge response! A bunch of people wanted to know about my mantras. Months later, I STILL get message about this.

You asked, and now I’m going to deliver!

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My Experience at Ember Retreat

I came to this retreat alone, which is something that definitely isn't natural for me, but I am committing keep doing because of a greater purpose. So as I nervously walked up to the icebreaker cocktail hour, I beelined it for the bar to get me some liquid courage.

Then I pushed past the discomfort to start chatting with strangers. Little did I know some of the amazing friendships that would come out of this weekend!

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gina and social anxiety

I absolutely loved talking with my fellow anxious creative, Gina, way back in episode 13. So of course, I had to have her back for an encore!

This time, our conversation is all about dealing with social anxiety when you’re an entrepreneur, a stylist, and when your livelihood depends on talking to people.

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my client's story of courage and bravery

I interview my client Jessica. When she was just 6 years old her Mom packed up her and her two sisters and left an abusive marriage. They came to Calgary where they lived in a women's shelter for 3 months. Her story is powerful and full of courage and bravery.

It affirmed again why I am in this industry. It's so much more than just hair. It’s about connections and community and to have women know their worth and value.

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