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How to Deal With Overwhelm

It sucks. Just last week I was sitting on my couch trying to get some work done and I was suddenly so frustrated. You know that feeling when you want to throw something across the room or break something but instead you burst into tears because it's just too much?

Yeah, that was me. A crying mess, teardrops staining my beautiful tan leather couch. Both Nick and Leroy were staring at me, not really sure if they should console me or be terrified of me.

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5 Mantras Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Earlier this year, I did an Instagram live about my creative process, and I shared that I like to use mantras to help keep my mind focused and on track.

It was one of those moments when I said something in passing, assuming no one would care or even listen to such a tiny detail, and I got a huge response! A bunch of people wanted to know about my mantras. Months later, I STILL get message about this.

You asked, and now I’m going to deliver!

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