Icy Warmth


In the last few minutes of daylight I was able to snap this picture. With the salon door open and me standing outside I let in just enough light to capture Sarah's hair. It was her 2nd hair painting appointment with me. These appointments are my favorite. Although the first appointments are also great, the layering of color creates more of a dimensional and organic look (think of layering painting on a canvas) as opposed to the first time hilighting virgin hair or focusing on converting someone to hair painting. The 2nd appointment involves strategic placement around the previous hilights in order to build upon it and not to hide or completely overlap. Moving from more of a subtle look previously, Sarah communicated she was ready for some brighter pieces while maintaining dimension and contrast.

We were both thrilled with the results. Sarah is now rocking what I like to refer to as, icy warmth, the combination of cool and warm tones blending together harmoniously. Perfect for winter.