my unplugged week

This episode is all about the week I did the unthinkable: I turned my phone OFF, put it in the glovebox of my car, and unplugged for a whole week.

Seven whole days, sans phone and internet. I know, nuts right?

I even took the week off work so Nick, Leroy and I could spend the week at my parents’ cabin in Saskatchewan. At the height of my anxiety, I realized I needed balance, so we started doing this twice per year to give ourselves a break.

It’s like switching your brain off and on again.

You know how when your phone starts glitching out, you can solve the problem 99% of the time with a simple reboot? A break is like that for your brain.

That’s what my unplugged week was meant to do. Unplug, reboot, refresh.

In this episode, I talk about what I learned during my unplugged week.

I learned how addicted I am to my phone, how much time I waste (So. Much. Time.), the effect that constant connection has on my anxiety, and that the world doesn’t actually end if I unplug for a week. Who knew?

I also answer your questions from my first Instagram post after turning my phone back on.

Your questions about my unplugged week:

  • How did my clients handle it?

  • What do I do for my friends and family to still get a hold of me?

  • Do I have a home phone to take calls if someone really needs to get a hold of me?

  • Did I take any photos?

  • How did I listen to music?

My unplugged week was amazing, and I hope this episode inspires to you give unplugging a try!

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