Perfection isn't Real

That little bit of hair that's out of place on Hanna's head, do you see it? on the right side there? It's driving me nuts 😫 but I decided to post this anyway.. because nothing's perfect, and no one is perfect. We need to stop striving for whatever we believe perfection to be. It's an illusion and it's all relative.  If you strive to be anything, be better than yesterday. Use what you learned today to make tomorrow better. 

Blonde Balayage

Stop comparing. 

Being a perfectionist can paralyze you and your creativity. Fear of failure is real, Trust me I know! But don't think because someone is unhappy with their hair or someone else's Instagram picture looks better, or a co worker did better work than you,  or hit their targets before you , or whatever it may be in your situation, that it means you failed.  

There is no such thing as being perfect, or being the best. There is no reaching the top. Just do the best you can right here and now and learn from everything along your way.

The most beautiful thing in all of this is that you get to choose how you respond. Either let it grow you or not, the choice is entirely yours. 💗 And remember be gentle with yourself.