My Road Map To Success

Rarely are there shorts cut to success, and even if it appears as so, often times there are years of trial and error that you haven’t witnessed.

It’s taken me 18 years in this industry to get where I’m at. It’s taken failing, and learning how to fail, over and over again.

It’s taken  a whole lot of risk! And trusting in myself to do the hard work to make my dreams reality. 

I’ve attempted things that haven’t turned out. I’ve felt embarrassed. And through it, I’ve learned to be humble and gracious with, not only myself, but others.

I’ve learned that timing can be everything, and sometimes it’s just not my time. And even though it may be someone else’s time doesn’t take anything away from me.

I’ve learn to recognize jealousy’s ugly face and how it disguises it self in the form of gossip.

☝🏻Read that one again once more☝🏻

I’ve been paralyzed by the comparison bug. And taken away from my own uniqueness by trying to be someone else.

I’ve struggled, and and still do.

I'm learning that no matter how alone or misplaced I can feel in this industry I belong because I am me and that’s exactly who I should continue to be. No more or no less, I am enough. 

And so are you.


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