Seriously. Do you know how long it took me to believe this?

How there are still somedays that I don't?

That because of that disbelief I've allowed myself to be friends with, and in relationships with people who treated me accordingly.  In my life I've struggled to know my worth or value. I thought I deserved to be treated as less than. Ive only realized recently that that is why I created my salon space the way I have. A safe place for women to been seen and heard, to be valued and honoured. For so long I didn't believe that me, Dawn... I. AM. ENOUGH.

I've hid in my work, and in my busyness. I've refused and rejected compliments. I've believed that any of my successes are pure luck and not anything to do with my hard work and determination. I've put on a front to try to disguise my vulnerability. I've allowed my shame to turn into anxiety. I've let my past and the words and actions of others dictate who I believed I was, what I thought I was capable of and what people should expect from me. 

 Please, be who ever you want to be, Allow yourself to shift, change and grow. Know that you deserve to be treated with nothing but love and respect. Especially from yourself. 

You already are enough, you always were enough.