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The Wildest Thing I ever did...

If you follow me on instagram you may have heard my story before. 4 years ago I  took the biggest risk of my life.

 Yesterday while walking Leroy with my boyfriend I started reflecting on it. I think my exact words were "Holy shit I really just went for it, didn't I? I was so sure of myself. That's the wildest thing I've ever done"

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anxious creatives unite!

This week's episode I have my friend Gina Devine on to talk about how we do life as anxious creatives.

Gina has been a creative her whole life, growing up in salons (her mom is a stylist) and going to fine art school she is a true artist. But like me, don't ask her to cook you a meal, it ain't gonna happen.

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the anxious creative

The podcast is getting a make over! Or at least a new name. Listen in while I chat with you guys about the new name and why I’m so passionate about it. This one is probably my most vulnerable yet. I walk you through some of my experiences that have brought me to where I am now and why I’m so passionate about helping others. Thanks for listening in. 

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the difference between a prostitute & an escort

Is it hot in here?!? While doing my friend and client Tiana's extensions I ask her all the burning questions I’ve always wondered about her industry. What’s the difference between a prostitute and an escort? What was her first appointment like? Knowing what she knows now would she still do it? Eavesdrop in on our conversation and learn everything you ever wondered, but have been too shy to ask.

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life, love, sex, & stress

Kellie and Dawn laugh their way through this episode chatting about everything imaginable. They bond over their feelings of being born performers but lacking the talent to make it happen and share their experiences as children of entrepreneurs.

Listen in as they tell all about their current love lives, how they met their partners, and surprise themselves with a shared childhood past time.

This episode also features Dawn playing two truths and a lie that you won't want to miss.

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50 shades of oversharing

In Dawn's pilot episode she talks with Becky, a client of hers for the past 3 years. They recap what their appointments have been like and reminisce on Becky's first time getting her hair done with Dawn.

They talk about sex, 50 Shades of Grey, when they first learned about sex as kids, how hard it is to accept help, how frustrating...

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