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my instagram twin, shirley hagel

I met Shirley on Instagram of all places when she commented on one of my posts. I creeped on her profile and immediately started noticing similarities: we both have nose piercings, similar tattoos (we both have a heart on our wrists!), and we have the same anxiety necklace.


*cue Twilight Zone theme.

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My Experience at Ember Retreat

I came to this retreat alone, which is something that definitely isn't natural for me, but I am committing keep doing because of a greater purpose. So as I nervously walked up to the icebreaker cocktail hour, I beelined it for the bar to get me some liquid courage.

Then I pushed past the discomfort to start chatting with strangers. Little did I know some of the amazing friendships that would come out of this weekend!

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business chat with josie vilay

Josie is a fellow Canadian hairstylist who I’ve admired since joining Instagram. We’ve texted back and forth, and I am so pumped that we got to sit down and chat. She does a killer bleach and tone and has the most hilarious sense of humour I’ve seen. Listen while Josie and I chat about business, dealing with bad reviews, and our biggest challenges with owning a Salon.

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My Road Map To Success

Rarely are there shorts cut to success, and even if it appears as so, often times there are years of trial and error that you haven’t witnessed. I’ve learned that timing can be everything, and sometimes it’s just not my time. And even though it may be someone else’s time doesn’t take anything away from me.

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jamie dana & the business of instagram

‘I have a passion for connecting with other hairstylists and creating a community of like-minded artists. This is such an incredible industry that I am so thankful to be a part of. I am constantly striving to learn more about the hair industry and to grow as a creative.’

I’m so excited to share with you my conversation with Jamie.

It’s been so fun to watch her grow her biz and see OH HOT GRAM become the huge success it is today. Recently she co-founded EMBER RETREAT, and I am beyond pumped  to be speaking at it in Palm Springs this September.

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anxious creatives unite!

This week's episode I have my friend Gina Devine on to talk about how we do life as anxious creatives.

Gina has been a creative her whole life, growing up in salons (her mom is a stylist) and going to fine art school she is a true artist. But like me, don't ask her to cook you a meal, it ain't gonna happen.

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the anxious creative

The podcast is getting a make over! Or at least a new name. Listen in while I chat with you guys about the new name and why I’m so passionate about it. This one is probably my most vulnerable yet. I walk you through some of my experiences that have brought me to where I am now and why I’m so passionate about helping others. Thanks for listening in. 

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