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Your Stress-Free Guide to Earning 6 Figures! Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive video training program. RYB is designed to streamline your path to success with proven strategies, detailed scripts, and customizable templates.

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Unlock effective client communication with The Policy Pathway, offering lifetime access to 20+ videos, audio guides, templates, and more for seamless business interactions.

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Elevate your business with the Business Building Blueprint (BBB): tackle imposter syndrome, boost bookings, enhance leadership, and start teaching with our Educators Starter Kit!

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Grow your client base with the Client Building Bundle, featuring the Client Magnet Mini Course, loyalty strategies, a comprehensive consultation form, and access to a 3,500+ business owner community!

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As a busy business owner, automation and efficiency are key. With dawns templates, she takes out all the guess work and even show you how to set up your automated responses. Being a stylist herself, she thought of every scenario and helps address even the toughest conversations. Every time I conduct a consultation, I always have Dawn in my head helping me through it! I've implemented her consultation techniques with my entire staff!

- Megan, Client Convo Mastery student

After using your pricing method my first year I was able to add $20K to my yearly sales and this year I’m on track to earn an additional $8K more on top of that! 🙌😌


Alright, I’ve got my email drafted, firing a client! I’ve decided to talk to my manager Tuesday morning and see what she’s got to say about the whole thing, but I’ve got the email to send if I need to. Having the scrips has made me feel so much more confident about the whole thing!

- Melissa, policy pathway STUDENT





Client Convo Mastery

Easily handle client communications with these scripts and templates, complete with a video guide on their kind, compassionate, and empathetic use.

  • Announce price increases confidently
  • Professionally "fire" a client
  • Handle no-shows and late cancellations effectively
  • Manage new client inquiries and off-hours messages 
  • Navigate "squeeze me in" requests and more (with over 30 pages of guidance for every tough scenario)

I Need This, Let's Go!

I'm Dawn!


Starting a business is a rollercoaster, filled not just with fears of failure and a drive to please everyone but ourselves. It often brings overwhelming stress and impostor syndrome, making us feel like sacrificing our personal lives is the only way to succeed.

It took me a long time to realize that this kind of fear and uncertainty tends to show up outside of work too. Once I realized this, I was able to do the inner work needed to heal the beliefs about myself that were holding me back not only in business, but in my relationships and beyond.

This led me on a mission to help others to make the connection between what holds them back in business and what holds them back in life. I use my time-tested approach to help you build the biz and income of your dreams AND discover your confidence and overcome your fears so you can build the relationships you deserve both inside and outside of business.

Looking for a more immersive, collaborative way to work together?

Get right down to business with my 5 week 1:1 coaching program. Customized weekly sessions that will take your big ideas and finally put them in motion!  

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