It’s time to stop playing small - step into the life and business you know you are made for!

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“Rock Your Business” Course Creator, Host of “The Anxious Creative” Podcast. Named by Salon Magazine as Canada’s #1 women of influence.

I’m a small town Canadian gal living out my dreams - stress-free! I help others show up more confidently in their business and beyond. I want you to chase your dreams, make good money doing it, and maintain work-life balance (yes, it is possible!).

I’ve been a hairstylist (retired now!) for over 20 years, and have worked all over the world with some of the top names in the beauty industry. I’ve helped thousands of creatives build profitable and sustainable careers through my signature education program “Rock Your Business”.

As a recovering people pleaser and former workaholic, I am devoted to teaching you how to stand up for yourself, communicate effectively and take charge without fear!

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Embrace ease over hardship and thrive beyond burnout

Through my courses, coaching and retreats I will help you do the hard work from the get-go (no more procrastinating!!). This will set you up for smooth sailing all the way to a thriving biz and an income you deserve without the burnout.

Learn how to stop anxiety, self-doubt and people pleasing from getting in the way of building your dream biz. 

Develop the ultimate business roadmap that will finally take you from where you are to where you know you are meant to be!

double your income, without doubling your work!

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Rock Your Business

Rock Your Business

Rock Your Business

Rock Your Business

Rock Your Business

Rock Your Business

Rock Your Business

Rock Your Business

Rock Your Business

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I don’t do one off coaching calls, it's a waste of your time and hard earned money. 

That's why I offer 5 weeks of deep dive coaching for you to finally get REAL results! A tailored for you program that will take those big ideas and finally put them into action!

“After my time with Dawn, I stopped double booking, had a significant price increase and cut back my hours. Not long after I officially became a 6 figure stylist!”

- Lauren

An immersive 3-day retreat hosted right in my living room! 

We will tackle your self-limiting beliefs, connect to your authentic self, discover your confidence and explore the breathtaking Rocky Mountains with your new lifelong retreat fam.

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“I’ve never been able to find a work life/ balance podcast that was relatable to what I do, specifically. (Also, Canadian) Highly recommend!”


"this is my first time listening to you and the ADHD title pulled me in. I’m undiagnosed but know I have had it my whole life. Thank you for shining light on this and mental health too!"

- Chelsea

"Wanted to say I have learned so much from listening to Dawn’s podcast. I’ve taken her Rock your Businesses Course because she is so relatable!! Learning from someone who has gone before is such a blessing! She is super real and shows her vulnerability."

- Leach