Feb 11, 2018

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Voir Hair Care, Canadian made, Female owned.



If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen that I’ve been using Voir for a while now. When I first heard about them I knew I’d like them  because of two reasons:

1. Their founded by 5 women. (whoot!)

2. They’re Canadian!!! (double whoot!)

Even before I tried their products I knew they were a company I could totally get behind.

Then I tried the products (the true test) and they’re amazing. No joke. And you guys know I don’t say that about just anything.

So here is my 100% honest review of each product (there are only 4 so it won’t be too long), because you all know I’m all about that transparency, integrity, and honesty.


She’s Like the Wind – Dry Shampoo and Conditioner


  • no residue. It’s completely invisible in the hair and my hair felt clean, not masked with product

  • absorbs oils quickly

  • doesn’t dry out your scalp or hair (there’s no alcohol in it)

  • leaves hair soft and touchable

  • great for after working out/ sweating


  • if you’re not aiming in the right direction you will end up with a big cloud of product

  • you won’t get the volume boost that aerosol dry shampoos give

  • you have to make sure to spray it from at least 10 inches away from your head and really work it in


Rhythm of the Rain – Hair and Scalp Mask



  • leaves hair feeling softandmoisturinzed

  • leaves scalp feeling refreshed

  • doesn’t weigh hair down (especially fine hair that gets weighed down easily, WIN!!)

  • smells amazing


  • ZERO!


Secrets in the Snow – Mousse


  • a little goes a long way

  • light and easy application

  • good hold

  • supports great volume


  • easy to overuse

  • can be sticky

  • if you use too much, you will feel it in your hair



A Walk in the Sun – Hair Oil



  • smells great

  • light weight

  • doesn’t weigh down hair

  • light in colour, so for those of you bright blondes it won’t yellow your hair


  • smell could be strong for some

Two of my clients mentioned that it smelt like lube to them… I thought this was the funniest thing ever, so I had to share it with you all. I don’t know if that fits into a pro or con though? Thoughts??


So, there’s my honest review. If I had to rate them from 1-4 in favourites (I do honestly like them all but, if i had too, ya know), I would say, for me, it goes in this order: 

  1. A Walk in the Sun Hair Oil

  2. Rhythm of the Rain and She’s like the Wind share 2nd place for me

  3. Secrets in the Snow

If you’re wanting to get your hands on Voir like, right now. Click here. Even better, we can both win, if you use the code dbhair at check out, you’ll save 10% on your order, ( 15% for the month of April, and free shipping until April 22!) and I’ll earn a commission for sending ya. Win/win.

Let me know how much you love it!



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