Jun 4, 2018

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Save the Environment While Saving Money.

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I think most of us can agree we are more conscious than ever about our effect on the environment, so when i heard about ECO HEADS I was intrigued. It initially drew me in with the fact that it uses less than half the water as a regular shower head as well as less energy. But as you know,  my scepticism quickly arose (as it always does, haha!) thinking it probably had terrible pressure and couldn’t hold up to rinse out hair colour. 

Gee, was I proven wrong quickly. The pressure is unreal but not to the point where it hurts. It comes out softly from the nozzle. Everything about this product is amazing (and I say that with all honesty). I can tell it was thoughtfully designed and even has a nice aesthetic. 

But let’s see in in action, right? 


Ive been testing it out for over a month now, and other than getting used to a bit larger of a shower head the transition has been seamless. Plus, my monthly water bill has gone down. That’s a huge bonus for any business owner!

I can confidently say these are well worth the investment. 

Pretty cool huh? Can they please make one for my shower at home? k, thx 🙂 

I just found their stats: it uses 65% less water, thats unreal, because let me tell you it feels like its using more water with the water pressure it kicks out!

And before you even have to ask, here is where you can get your own ECOHEAD, you can also find them on the gram at @edgedistributing.  If you have any questions for me, leave them below in the comments and I’ll make sure to answer.



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