Jan 10, 2019

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Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here:

I bet a lot of you don’t have boundaries.

That’s exactly how I used to be. I lived most of my life not even knowing what boundaries were. If someone asked something of me, I had to say yes. I didn’t even know “no” was an option, and I doubt I’m on the only one.

Now that I’ve realized how important boundaries are, not just in business, but in life and relationships too, I don’t know how I got by without them!

I’ve come a looooong way with boundaries and trust me, if I can learn to have boundaries, anyone can.

So if you’re sick of clients texting you late at night, of doing last minute favors for friends, or sitting through anxiety-inducing family conversations, this is your episode.

Join me for this solo Dawn-only episode to get the lowdown on boundaries. Here are just a few things I cover:  

  • Hard truth: We teach people how to treat us.

  • How to get over the fear of turning away money (this is a really common fear when it comes to enforcing boundaries).

  • What it feels like to let someone cross your boundaries

  • When you need to apologize while still respecting yourself

  • How we project blame on other people when we don’t want to claim responsibility for our own boundaries

  • How to enforce strict boundaries with people you really care about

  • Gently (but firmly) educating your clients about your boundaries

  • How to stay firm in your boundaries when you receive pushback (especially if you’re highly sensitive or emphatic. Where my empaths at?)

Setting boundaries will cast a lot of light on your relationships and who you choose to associate with. Those who don’t have boundaries won’t like it when you set them.

And I’ll tell you this: It’s easier to not have boundaries, but you won’t be as happy or satisfied. Creating boundaries is up to you.

Your happiness and thriving makes you a better version of YOU, and the people in your life deserve the best version of you. Even if they don’t like the boundaries the best you requires.

You deserve to be happy, and your happiness is YOUR responsibility.

You got this 😉

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