Aug 29, 2019

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How To Enforce A Cancelation Policy

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The connection we make with our clients is pretty special but…

Often it overshadows that we are running a business. I believe in true, deep, meaningful connections and I love my clients. I wouldn’t be able to do hair any other way.

But I also know from 18 years in the industry that we need to make our businesses more of a priority.

I see and hear so many client-shaming posts on social media… can we stop that please? Let’s start looking inward at what we are unable or unwilling to admit to ourselves.

We are the problem…

Enforcing policies is huge. What’s the point of having them if you don’t? Sadly that’s 95% of salon owners and suite stylists.

And I get it.

For years I hoped the fact that I had a cancellation policy scared my clients enough into always showing up, but here’s the thing…

Ya know that friend that says they are always gonna come out, but always bails last minute? You start to realize that what they say holds no weight. You start to realize that they never follow through.

Same with us, if you never enforce a cancellation policy or charge for a no-show because you’re scared to possibly upset your client, no one will ever take it seriously.

Are you willing to run the risk of losing a client? Are you able to to start enforcing it in a kind, non abrupt way? It is possible.

You gotta be willing to get a little uncomfortable! Growth comes no other way. (Think about it, working out creates sore muscles and can be painful but all of a sudden, you are stronger and can carry more weight)

Sure some people, no matter how you do it, will be upset. I’ve lost multiple clients, either by their choosing or not inviting them back (you can still care about someone and not allow their behaviour to continue).

The coolest things though? You make room for new people, the ones you can now start out on the right foot with. The ones that understand because you now know how to communicate and educate them.

Check out this video to hear all about how you can start enforcing your cancelation policy.

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