Oct 24, 2019

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let’s talk about rest

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If you’ve ever wondered what I’m like first thing in the morning… here’s your answer.

I decided to film this week’s IGTV from bed because… well, it seems everyone’s talking about rest, but yet everyone is still on the go.

We hear it talked about, the importance of it, but do we actually see anyone doing it?

If you’re like me and the scrolling can stress you the eff out and make you feel guilty and like you’re not doing or accomplishing enough… let this IGTV encourage you.



You aren’t alone. You can take a break. You won’t fall behind.

And friend please stop comparing yourself… actually…

I feel like we’ve become numb to that word a bit. ‘Yaya Dawn… I hear it all the time… stop comparing’ insert eye roll.

But do you realize how much internal unrecognized stress and anxiety it can be causing you that you don’t even realize is there?!

Be gentle with yourself friend. You’re doing great, you’re actually doing amazing! You got this.

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