Nov 14, 2019

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addicted to being overbooked

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Are you addicted to being overbooked?

I get it. You crave change, but you’re scared to change.

Maybe it’s a price increase. You know it’s time, maybe it’s even WAY overdue. You sit down and figure out what you’re new Prices will be and when you will announce it.

You push past the fear and announce it even. You know this means you will lose some clients. And that’s ok. It means you’ll make room for new ones.

And yet, the first time you see someone cancel their appointment after your announcement you panic a little. EEK!!

Then maybe a couple more. And your schedule isn’t as jam-packed as it used to be. And that freaks you out.

But it’s what you wanted. You’re still making money. Maybe even more. And although you wanted to slow things down you realize…

You’re addicted to being overbooked…

Yes, it was exhausting, yes you wanted it to end. And yet when it did. You didn’t know what to do.

Sound familiar? Change is hard. I get it. That’s why I’m here to help

Most of my career I only felt worthy of success if I was exhausted, overwhelmed and on the verge of burn out.

That success was only attainable if I pushed myself to the limit. That me, Dawn, as I was wasn’t allowed it but instead, I had to prove it.



And if you need to hear it, let me be the one to what with you:

You’re more than JUST a hairstylist friend. You’re made for success, and you’re allowed to say no. You got this. And I’m so incredibly proud of you!

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