Jul 23, 2020

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The #1 thing you HAVE to stop doing in your business

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Have you ever made a snap-judgement of someone you barely knew? Maybe you had just met them, or maybe you simply saw them from across the road and you instantly decided how you felt about that person. (If you say no, you’re lying!)

Stylists often do the same thing with their clients and how much they’re willing to pay. I have SO been there. I would make assumptions about the size of my client’s wallet. I would base these judgements on what I assumed their financial situation was. 

Did they…

  • Work part-time and go to school?

  • Run a successful business?

  • Work high up in corporate?

  • Have to take a leave of absence?

I would factor in the little details that I knew about them and made BIG assumptions on what they could and couldn’t pay. Sound familiar? I know you’ve been there too, maybe you’re even struggling with this currently.

But here’s the thing: it’s not about how much money someone has or doesn’t have. It’s about what people value and prioritize. 

Take a moment to think about it. People get to choose how they spend their money, where they spend their money, and what they spend their money on. 

You have to stop assuming how people choose to spend their money. You have to stop apologizing for what you charge because one person once said “you’re too expensive”.

I’ve heard that before too. A client told me that she couldn’t afford my rates, which totally bummed me out, and in true people-pleaser fashion I worried that I was in the wrong and should be charging less. But when I logged onto Insta and saw that she was eating dinner out every single night, it made me rethink things. 

It wasn’t that she couldn’t afford me, it was that she didn’t prioritize her money to be spent on her hair. AND HERE’S THE BIG THING… that’s totally okay!

You’re not going to be for everyone (which is actually a good thing!). Not everyone is going to put value on what you have to offer, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t worth your value. 

Let me give you an analogy (‘cause ya know how much I love ‘em)…

I’m not a car person, like, at all. Does that mean a brand new car isn’t worth its price? Absolutely not! It’s just that I don’t find value in it and I don’t want to spend my money on a new vehicle. But there are plenty of people who will want that brand new car and they do purchase them right off the lot. 

What someone values and spends their money on has little to do with how much money they have. And yet, I know you’re shying away from charging the correct amount because you think someone can’t pay it. 

Trust me, I’ve had clients who I assumed were wealthy and had an abundance of funds be the most upset about price changes. And I’ve had clients who work minimum wage jobs who haven’t even bat an eye at my price increase. It’s not about what you think they have in their wallet, it’s not even about what’s actually in their wallet. It’s about what they value. 

By finding the clients who value what you have to offer you won’t ever have to assume and make an ass out of “u” and “me” again (get it?).

If you want to fill your chair up with clients who will be life-long raving fans…

It’s filled with fun and easy-to-implement steps that will have you booked solid with only the best clients. 

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