Aug 6, 2020

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What to Say when a Client Upsets You

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As hairstylists, we have an intimate relationship with our clients. We learn their fears, their likes and dislikes, we hear about their work, their families and relationships. We develop close bonds and although that fills our hearts with joy, sometimes it can be overwhelming and you can feel spread too thin (am I a mind reader? No, I’ve just been there too!). Think about this…

Have you ever silently gotten upset with a client for…

  • Asking to be squeezed in?

  • Late cancelling?

  • Texting you at all hours?

Maybe you’ve posted a passive-aggressive Instagram post, maybe you’ve texted your stylist friends saying 

“How could they do this to me?!”

Maybe you’ve just written about it in your journal or talked to your therapist about it. 

Here’s some tough-love with Dawn: it’s not your clients you’re upset with… it’s yourself. (Ouch. That one stings a bit, doesn’t it?)

I know you don’t want to hear it (and as a Taurus I understand stubbornness), because deferring the responsibility onto your clients is SO.MUCH.EASIER. I get it. If we accept that it’s their fault then we never have to change, right? WRONG.

You teach people how to treat you. 

I know, that’s a mic drop sentence right there and I could end this blog post right here, but I’ve got some more wisdom comin’ at ya. 

Did you know that you don’t have to…

  • Immediately respond to texts/emails?

  • Say “yes”. You are allowed to say “no” (this changed my LIFE when I finally allowed myself to say “no”)?

  • Squeeze someone in at the last minute because you’re “the only one who can touch their hair”?

Now, I’m not saying to be some super-standoffish b*tch who doesn’t care about anyone. Keep that kindness, compassion and empathy that I know you have.

Honestly, you’re even allowed to say “yes” to everything if that’s what you want. All I’m saying is that if you’re feeling frustrated or resentful with your clients, it’s time to do a self-check and look inwards. 

What are you allowing in your business (heck, even in your life) that isn’t honouring you? That isn’t filling you with joy? That is making you want to scream and leave the industry for good?

Maybe you’re struggling because you don’t have a set schedule, which makes it hard for you to only answer messages during “business hours”. Maybe you’ve been operating on a flexible schedule for clients for years and you have no idea how you would even begin to make a shift to a structured schedule. 

All you know is that you’re feeling trapped and you know that things need to change. I get that, I’ve been there, and making a big change in your business and life is never an easy thing to do. It requires getting uncomfortable and taking responsibility for your actions. It takes learning and unlearning and a lot of practice. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

I went from being a pushover, people-pleaser with absolutely ZERO boundaries in my business, to a caring, compassionate business owner with healthy boundaries for myself and my clients. I no longer put blame on my clients when something goes wrong, but instead, take it as an opportunity to reflect and better understand myself. 

I know you can do it. And if you need a little assistance on how to implement boundaries in your biz, sign up to get on the waitlist for Rock Your Business, your stress-free guide to earning 6 figures. I dive deep into how placing healthy boundaries in your business can help reduce stress and overwhelm that you’re feeling. 

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