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What ADHD Symptoms Look Like in a Successful Female Entrepreneur


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Have you ever felt like you’re an alien from a different planet? Like everyone else around you can do things that you can’t do? I felt that way too, for most of my life. It wasn’t until I got my ADHD diagnosis that things started making sense. 

I’m getting personal in this post, talking about how I run my business and navigate my life as a creative ADHD entrepreneur. 

Keep reading and you’ll learn how:

  • ADHD affects the way Dawn works

  • A diagnosis has shifted the way she sees herself

  • To thrive as a creative with ADHD

You’ll learn that you’re not alone in this world and it’s okay if your brain works differently. Let’s dive in, friend.

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Thriving As a Creative ADHD Entrepreneur

If I’m being completely honest, I’ve always felt like I was standing on the outside looking in on everyone. It took me a long time before I felt like I really belonged anywhere. 

I spent a lot of my life embarrassed that I didn’t feel like the rest of society and no one understood the way I think. 

I’ve often joked that I’ve been a “professional chameleon” my entire life. Being able to act the part of wherever I’m at with whoever I’m around. But in doing so, I hid the real me for a very long time. 

I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to share the real me here on my podcast and blog with you. 

I’ve been working on learning to embrace the real me, who she is, and be her more, but it hasn’t always been the case. 

ADHD Diagnosis

More often than not, you’ll find me doing three or four things at a time. I’m very much a non-linear thinker (you can listen to me go off on a dozen tangents in the episode above). Ideas will pop into my head and instantly take me in a new direction. Thinking from Point A to Point B can be really hard for me. 

When I was diagnosed with ADHD in May of 2021 and I started doing more research on it, there were so many lightbulbs that started going off in my head. 

I realized that all the things that I had such negative self-talk about, were all ADHD traits. Not me being a flawed human like I initially thought, just me having a different brain than what’s typically expected. 

My diagnosis has given me so much understanding into how my brain works. 

My brain works on interest, challenge, and urgency. If it isn’t interesting, challenging, or needs to be done right now, it’s probably not gonna happen. 

Learning that really mundane and “easy” tasks are actually really hard for my brain (and that’s okay!). On the flip side, sometimes really monotonous, time-consuming tasks are my favourite. 

To be honest, it can be frustrating at times. I’m an 80-percenter. I’ll get things to the 80% completed mark and won’t even realize that I don’t finish them. I’ll get things “almost” done and then I’ll get bored and simply walk away from the task. 

That being said, I do want to remind you that 80% is still a pass. B-plus work is still good work. 

Creative Entrepreneur

When it comes to working in a creative field, I can easily get distracted from what’s actually gonna help the people I’m wanting to help. Or what’s actually going to help my business. 

For so long in my own business, I felt completely alone. I felt like no one else understood my dreams or my vision. And I wanted to make this post for you so that you don’t feel the loneliness I felt for so long. 

I want you to know that if you’re doubting yourself if you’re thinking that you’re not enough or that you need to be more, you don’t have to keep trying to fit yourself in a box you were never meant to fit into. It’s okay to march to the beat of your own drum. 

Now that’s not to say I don’t struggle with things anymore, that’s simply not true. But I’ve learned to embrace it more and more by asking myself what my strengths and weaknesses really are. 

I used to get so riddled with anxiety and embarrassment over the things I struggled with. Thinking that somehow they made me a “bad” human. 

I had an idea in my head about what a “successful” business owner looked like. That in order to be a “real” business owner I had to be all and do all. 

I’ve since realized that a successful business owner is one that takes action and learns from their mistakes. 

And honestly, I think my excitement over new things and wanting to try new things has actually helped me out in tremendous ways. 

Paving Your Own Path

Learning that I can do things my own way has been so freeing for my life and my business. Embrace what works best for you while also embracing what works best for the people around you. 

Although I don’t have any real lesson or aha in this blog post, I wanted to let you know that I feel you, I see you, and you’re not alone. 

So if you’ve beat yourself up over some of these qualities or traits, I want to remind you that they’re not character flaws. Your brain simply works differently and that’s okay. 

You can create systems in your life that can help you work to the best of your ability while embracing the things that make you unique. 

You are deserving of the goals, dreams, and success that you crave. I know you can create a hugely successful life (whatever that definition is for you), regardless of whether the rest of the world thinks it’s the “right” idea or not. 

Don’t beat yourself up. You’re not alone. If you’re looking for a community of people who will cheer you on and lift you up, come get connected with me. You can shoot me a DM over on Instagram @dawnbradleyhair, subscribe to my YouTube channel, or shoot me a text.

Let’s get connected! Let me know that you came from the blog. The more you surround yourself with people who get you, the less you feel alone, and the more you are celebrated for the things that you are; rather than the things you aren’t. 

You’re a big deal who can do hard things, friend. See ya in the next one

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