Mar 12, 2024

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Coaching Benefits


ok, i’m sold, but like, what do I actually get with this? 

I don’t do one off coaching calls, because, honestly, its a waste of your time and hard earned money. Thats why I offer 5 weeks of deep dive coaching for you to finally get REAL results


Dawn Bradley

24/7 access to me

ok, so maybe not 24/7, ya know boundaries are my deal right? But you will get voice and text access to me through out the week. It’s like having me in tucked away in your pocket. Because weekly calls are great, but too much happens between that I don’t wanna miss out on.


weekly recorded calls

once a week we will get together to hang out face to face (on zoom) and deep dive into whats going on for 60 minutes. Plus it’s recorded so you can reference back to it time and time again, because, SQUIRREL, am I right?


admin and tech support from my team

because we can’t be good at EVERYTHING 🙂 I wish I would have had this back in the day. As a creative, my brain doesn’t work with tech and admin, thats why I’ve got my team on board to help when any of these issues arise


complete confidentiality

in an idustry that is known for it’s gossip, competition, and cattiness, this coaching is different than anything else you’ve seen. You’re safe to share openly with me,all your fears, dreams and goals, knowing that it will stay between you and me. ( kinda like our very own fight club sans the fighting)


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