Mar 12, 2024

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 not to mention prevent those moments at the sink wher eyou think…

“ OMG I should have told her that htere was a small chance her hair wouldnt lisft as much as I hoped!”

beads of sweat rollling down your back, sweat stained pits and shakey hands, all the while your mind races to figure out how youre going to tell your client that you have to enforece your polciies and charge them

To say you are having an internal freak out is an understatement!


yes I’m talking about what if they:

– refuse to pay?

– leave a bad review?

– make a scene?

This used to happen to me all the time!

The last thing I wanted was to make my clients upset.

I would say YES! to everything, or worse eat the cost when they would no show.

Then I’d run to the backroom and panic trying to figure out how the heck to make the impossible happen.

Sound familiar?

the reality is clients will no show

and communication is so important!

it positions you as the professional, it creates trust respect, loyalty and authority.

Saying BYE-BYE to misunderstandings and miscommunications!

a custom consultation is the difference between a client being excited to pay $100 or being upset to pay $100

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