Nov 3, 2020

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5 Simple Steps to Balayage on Gray Hair


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The #1 question I get asked…

The #1 question that I get asked is how to do hair painting with a root retouch. And I’m so freakin’ stoked to be answering that question with a video tutorial. 

There’s technically two different ways to approach this type of balayage. But I’m showing you the easiest (and least expensive) way to do it. 

All in one single step. No rinsing and then coming back to highlight. Everything gets done at the same time. 

I’m showing you exactly how to retouch the roots and then go in with hair painting right over top of it. 

The trickiest part is making sure that you’re covering up ALL the grays. Although you can overlap the bleach and the root retouch you want to make sure you’re not overlapping too much so that the color can still deposit into the hair. 

Here’s the breakdown of the simple steps to get that perfect gray balayage:

(For her exact formula check out the description on YouTube)

Step 1: Apply root shade – we start by applying the root shade to all four quadrants of the scalp. 

Step 2: Mix your clay lightener to a toothpaste consistency – I love clay lightener and I don’t use the manufacturer’s instructions (let’s just keep that between you and me). I mix to a toothpaste consistency. 

To learn more about exactly how I paint hair check out my online Hair Painting Outside the Lines program.

Step 3: Apply clay lightener to the hair – without overlapping the color that is covering the gray hair. If you apply your clay lightener to the gray strands the root color will not take to the hair. 

PRO TIP for applying clay lightener: Apply with the flat side of the brush and keep a lot of tension 

Step 4: Take triangle “inspired” sections, hold at a 90 degree angle from the head and blend the clay lightener in areas where you want it to be brighter (do this for the entire head)

Step 5: Allow to process for 45 minutes and then rinse

There ya have it, 5 easy steps to get you a beautiful gray coverage balayage in less time, while saving money. 

How easy was that?!

What technique or hair styling videos would you like to see next from me? I’m so excited to be bringing you more technique information!

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