Oct 22, 2020

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Are you hiding behind your anxiety?


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I’m no stranger to mental health. (Maybe you’ve heard of my podcast, The *Anxious* Creative?)

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 19 years old (in hindsight, I went undiagnosed at a much younger age). I remember coming home crying after getting my diagnosis because of the stigmas I believed about it. I thought it made me a bad person, or that I could never be enough with these labels on me. 

It felt like I had been branded with a neon sign saying “WEAK” on my forehead. 

And by believing that, I allowed my mental health to hold me back in so many things. 

I used my anxiety as an excuse to play small and stay small. Despite feeling the nudge to do bigger things, I hid from it, because I didn’t think I was worth it.

I was embarrassed that I had to take a pill to feel “normal”. I avoided sharing that info in relationships out of fear of them thinking there was something wrong with me. 

I let my diagnoses keep me from doing things in life, like growing my business.

Sound familiar?

I know you’re letting your anxiety hold you back too. And I want to come at ya with some tough love…

I call bullsh*t on your excuses.

Now I know some of you are already starting to feel defensive. I’ve been there too. It’s never easy to admit we’ve been staying safe in our comfort zones. 

And I’ll be perfectly honest, it IS hard. As anxious creatives we have to work ten times as hard as others to accomplish the exact same thing.

Not only that, it’s ten times as hard mentally and no one will ever see that struggle (how unfair is that?!).

I get it. It freakin’ SUCKS. And you’re totally allowed to admit that. You’re allowed to admit that it’s hard. But what I want you to stop allowing yourself to do is use it as a crutch and feel sorry for yourself. 

I want you to stop allowing yourself to say:

“Well, I just can’t because of my anxiety…”

Because the jig is up. You can accomplish just as much as everyone else. And I’d argue that you can have a greater impact because of your perspective. 

I know that you’re in this biz for more than just making money. You’re in this biz because you care deeply about helping others. It’s kind of like your superpower. 

So before you let your anxiety convince you to play and stay small, I want you to ask yourself this one thing:

“Am I okay with someone missing out on how I could help them?”

Trust your gut, go at your own pace, just please, please don’t stop. You have so much to offer to the world. 

Want to hear from some kick-ass anxious creatives in the industry and beyond? Check out my podcast for some awesome inspiration.

I know anxiety comes in all different packages, and that sometimes we can’t be functional. Honour yourself and your unique journey.

I was really inspired by my friend Piper and her journey with medication. If you’ve ever felt shame or embarrassment about seeking medical advice for mental health go listen to Piper’s story.

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