Mar 10, 2022

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How To Stay Motivated: Find Your Path To Results & Success 


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“You have to put your oxygen mask on first before you can help someone else.”

Welcome back to another episode! I’m so pumped that you’re here. We’ve got a great topic that I know a lot of people are interested in.

How do I stay motivated? (It might not be what you expect). Buckle up and let’s dive in!

My Secret Weapon

This might surprise a lot of people, but my one secret weapon to maintaining my motivation is muting a lot of people on social media. Yup, even my friends and family!

I find when I start consuming and scrolling on social media I get anxious seeing all these people doing so many different things. Let’s not even start with the jealousy and envy that can come up!

If I’m not focused, it’s a lot harder for me to stay motivated.

One of my favourite quotes that I use a lot is “your beliefs are like a compass, you head in the direction that you believe is possible” and I think that relates to staying focused in order to stay motivated really well.

If you’re going towards a goal but you see someone else doing something different so you start focusing on that, you’re going to veer off your original path because you’re no longer focusing on your initial goal.

I don’t mute people because I want to block them out or because I’m trying to be “mean”, I’m doing it to help myself stay focused.

Your Path

Your goals are going to be different than the person next to you. Not only is that okay, but it’s also necessary! Can you imagine how crowded it would be if we were all taking the same path to success?

It can be so easy to get distracted by someone else’s path to their goals. Especially with social media so readily available. And let’s be honest, it can be boring trekking down your own path so when you see someone else’s new and shiny journey, it can be easy to want to stray from your own.

But here’s the kicker, if you stay on your own path, you end up getting results a lot quicker.

Oooh, I know that’s not the sparkly and shiny answer that you were hoping for, but for me, focus is the key to staying motivated.


One thing I write down in my journal every single morning is “I’M DOING THIS FOR HER”.

Now you’re probably wondering, “okay, Dawn, who is ‘her’?”

She’s who I used to be. She’s maybe who you are right now. She’s the girl that’s struggling. The one that feels alone and feels too scared to ask for help. She’s the girl who’s scared that if anyone really knew what she was feeling they wouldn’t accept her. The girl who feels misplaced and vulnerable and tries to hide it with a confident front.

The girl who feels like no one really gets her.

Reminding myself of my “why” every single day helps me not only stay focused on my goals but motivated to achieve them.

I want you to take some time after this post and write down why you’re doing what you’re doing. When you know your why, your purpose, or your goals it’s a lot easier to figure out how to stay focused on that.

Put Yourself First

It’s okay to mute people. It’s okay to unfollow people. If it’s going to help serve you better, you’re allowed to do it.

I know you struggle with people-pleasing and feeling like you’ve got to be someone else for other people and that you’re scared that others will call you selfish. And I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to put yourself first.

You have to put your oxygen mask on first before you can help someone else. By taking care of yourself first, you’re actually able to help more people.

If you’ve been waiting for someone to give you permission, I grant you that permission right now.

Let’s band together to reduce the stigma of putting yourself first. I’m giving you the permission to live your life fully on your own terms. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. You can do it your own, unique way.

If you’re ready to live your life on your own terms why don’t you shoot me a DM over on Instagram @dawnbradleyhair, it seriously lights me up to hear from ya!

Let’s be besties?

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