Mar 12, 2024

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want to book me for your event?

I’m stoked! Being on stage is where you’ll see me come alive.

After I’ve been on stage, attendees are always telling me: “Thank you for being so real, and making me laugh. I’m now ready to get uncomfortable. It was just the right amount of ‘kick in the pants’ that I needed.”

If you have an audience of beauty professionals, solopreneurs, or creative service providers I speak about topics like:

  • How to Earn 6-Figures Stress Free

  • Why Saying “No” Will Grow Your Business

  • The Two Words that Will Win Over Even the Toughest Customer

  • The Secret to Never Having an Unhappy Customer Ever Again

  • How a Trip to the ER Saved my Business

  • Turning Your Anxiety into Your Career Super Power

  • Ditch the Hustle: Proven Steps to Work Smarter, Not Harder


Dawn is so fun and professional and really creates a great energy in the room, especially when it comes to making everyone feel comfortable.
She is fully herself, which results in the audience always resonating with her and what she is saying.
— Jamie Dana – Ember Retreat, Rise Up LIve



Dawn is extremely unselfish in the tips and insight she willingly shares with our attendees. When I think of the expression “A rising tide lifts all boats”, I really do think of Dawn.
— Mike Morrison – SocialWest, SocialEast, Next Big Thing

official bio

Dawn is a mentor for creative service providers who teaches how to earn more while stressing less.

Dawn Bradley is the creator of Rock Your Business (a stress-free guide to earning 6-figures), and the host of The Anxious Creative Podcast. A hairstylist for 19 years, she has worked all over the world with some of the top names in the beauty industry, such as Ian Michael Black, Antoinette Beenders and Anthony Nader.

Named by Salon Magazine as Canada’s #1 women of influence, she has built an audience of thousands of creatives who learn from her weekly on how to build profitable and sustainable careers.

Her work has been featured on Global News, Fashion Magazine and she has been named one of Canada’s finest bridal stylists in WeddingBells Magazine. She has also been featured in London’s LifeScape Magazine and on online blogs such as Great Lengths and Style Me Pretty.

Through her appearances on podcasts, speaking engagements and coaching programs she has taught thousands of creatives around the globe how to earn 6-figures stress-free. Some of her students have been able to cut back their hours, eliminate stress, and double their income within six months of working with her.

Let’s make magic together…

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