May 2, 2022

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3 Ways To Improve Your Money Mindset For Financial Stability

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the money’s not going directly into your pocket

Does the thought of talking about money, charging your clients for money, or taking money from someone else stress you the eff out? Then you are definitely in the right place. 

I’ve got another jam-packed post for you. After reading this post you’ll walk away knowing: 

  • How to understand your money story

  • Why money’s such a touchy subject

  • How to get comfortable with talking about and taking money from others

If you’re ready to shift your money mindset then buckle up, friend, and let’s dive in. 

3 Ways To Improve Your Money Mindset For Financial Stability

There are a lot of things that can affect the way we view money. Where we grew up, the socioeconomic class that we grew up in, and even your ethnicity affect your worldview on money. 

I don’t want you to think that this is some “woo-wooy” mindset stuff. I really do believe in the power of mindset. What we think and focus on is where we head towards.

There can be a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to mindset and I don’t want you to think that just by thinking something it’s going to happen. 

The point is, you deserve to make the money you want and are worth and you don’t need to feel bad about it. 

“Dirty Money”

Let’s be honest, money can sometimes feel dirty (and I don’t mean literally, although that’s definitely true…). How often have we been taught that money is the “root of all evil”? 

And part of that sleazy feeling around money has to do with the fact that nobody talks about it. And when nobody talks about it, it makes us think we’re entirely alone in it. 

Are there people who misuse money? 100%. It would be crazy for me to sit here and tell you there are no flaws in a capitalist society. But are there also people out there doing really amazing things with money? Also yes!

But how often do we only look at the negative?

What is a Money Mindset?

Most of our money mindset is engrained in us before we even start working our first jobs. 

I want you to take a moment and think back to being a kid and hearing the adults around you talking about money. This is the first part of your money story. What things did you absorb and learn about money from a young age?

What were you taught or not taught? What was implied when your parents or guardians talked about money? 

The things you heard around you and the environment around you about money all left an impact on you, whether you realize it or not. 

Take a moment and write down all the unconscious things you were taught about money and then come back to this post. 

Money Mindset Tips for Business

How often have you found yourself feeling “selfish” for simply having your own business, or taking payments from your clients, or raising your prices? How often do you feel bad for making a living? Even though you have no problem paying for education (like traveling to an in-person class)? 

I often poll my audience and whenever I ask the question “would you charge more if someone else was collecting the money?” The resounding answer is always “yes”. 

More often than not, the real fear comes from taking it from people. Because we feel like we’re “TAKING” it, not that it’s been given to pay for a service. 

The reality is that your business needs to pay its bills. How often do you feel like that money is going directly into your pocket? It’s time to reframe collecting payments from your clients.

Money is a Touchy Subject

Do you know how much your family members make? How about your friends, or the suite owner next to you? Why do we not talk about money? How come we don’t honestly share what we make? (Besides contacts of course)

And I’m going to practice what I preach. Not only because transparency is one of my core business values, but because I want to not only shift your money mindset but start shifting the way society views and talks about money. 

2020 was a really big year for my business, like, really big. My biz grew in ways that I had no idea it would, especially considering it was peak pandemic. And the reality is… 2021 wasn’t as good. 

And that’s really hard to admit.

Lots of times people attach success to financial success, but to me, I would still say 2021 was just as successful because I wasn’t pushing myself as hard. 

So yes, money can be a touchy subject because we don’t talk about it a lot. We don’t share openly about it. 

Shifting to a Positive Money Mindset

I remember seeing my mom paying bills at the kitchen table in our childhood home and looking at the amount due. I immediately thought that there was no way I’ll ever be able to make enough money to pay for a home and pay bills and groceries and have anything left over. 

I remember feeling overwhelmed and scared – that really played into my money story, despite never actually knowing if we had enough or not. 

When I first started offering ROCK YOUR BUSINESS, with the tagline “Your Stress-Free Guide to Earning 6 Figures” I felt weird talking about it because I was advertising that I earned six figures and it felt uncomfortable. 

So how do we get comfortable with talking about and taking money? By learning to view money in a different way.

And if you’re wanting to make six figures (and I have to give a huge shoutout to my student, Lauren Barton, who sent me a DM recently saying: “Dawn, I just got my taxes back and I netted $100,000 this year!”) I want you to know that it’s possible, but it does require some work. 

I want you to start thinking about how you’ve seen money used for good. Maybe even take a moment and write down a list of a few things. 

Ask yourself: if you start making the money that you want, how could you use that money to help others?

I want you to think about how the money that you can make and earn can help you. Perhaps it will help you with saving up for a home, paying for your kid’s education, going on that vacation that you’ve been putting off, or donating to a local charity. 

Start thinking about what are some things in your life that if you had more money you’d be able to do and help the world be a better place. Start asking yourself can money help and would creating more income make it easier?

How can generating more income for yourself, help others? 

When you look at it that way, money doesn’t seem so “dirty”, or “bad”, or “wrong”.

I hope you’re walking away with a better money mindset, knowing that you can have more and it can help you help others. 

Shifting your money mindset isn’t easy, but it’s really important work to do. 

If you wanna hang out with me IRL, catch me over on Instagram @dawnbradleyhair weekday mornings at 8 am MST where I chat with ya in my PJS with bedhead. 

See ya next time, friend. 

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