Feb 9, 2021

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The Easiest “Money Piece” Balayage Technique


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what no one is teaching

Can I be honest with you for a second?

I think that everyone is going about creating the “money piece” entirely wrong. 

Yup. You heard me right. And I want to be the shift in the industry to a better technique. 

I’ll give you a hint: it’s not just about concentrating on the front piece. 

It’s actually about how you highlight the whole head and I’m going to walk you through it step-by-step. 

The “RIGHT” Way to Balayage the Money Piece

Step 1: Mix up your clay lightener

This is an absolute must with this technique. If you want to know exactly how I mix up my clay lightener to get the best results, check out my full tutorial here

Step 2: Start at the nape of the next with triangle-inspired sections

You may be thinking “why the heck am I teaching you about a money piece and starting at the nape?” It’s because the money piece has everything to do with the rest of the head of highlights. 

The way you highlight the rest of the head determines how much pop that money piece gets. 

Starting at the nape of the neck will also allow you to create some brightness so that when your client pulls their hair back that money piece isn’t just one big skunk stripe. 

You want to make sure the hair looks good from every single angle. 

Step 3: Go around the hairline using triangle-inspired sections

Make sure you leave out sections of natural hair so that you can create depth and dimension. 

Step 4: Work your way up with a ‘U’ section to the crown of the head

Going in at perpendicular sections to the last one. Make sure that the part breaks in at two 90 degree angles to the last part. This is sort of a brick lay pattern. 

You can go up quite close to the root in the back, but the last section make sure you drop down a little bit so that the money piece will be the highest piece. 

Step 5: Apply to the side of the head

Remember, the most important part is to really make sure you’re getting the hairline. The money piece isn’t just one little width of foil, it’s the whole hairline. 

Create the blend at the first inch and make sure your clay lightener is completely opaque (you can’t see any hair through it). This will ensure that you get max lift. 

Step 6: Create the money piece

Apply to the front, making sure the hairline’s consistent. It’s not just about doing that part but also doing the internal side of the section. (You cannot do this with foils)

This will create a 3-dimensional money piece. This helps to create a more complete look for your clients. Whether they are wearing their hair up or down, you’re going to see the brightness and it’s going to be smooth, but not chunky.

PRO TIP: In order to make that money piece really pop you will need contrast and depth right beside it. Make sure to not highlight the next section as high up. 

Step 7: Complete the hair painting process

Continue with triangle inspired sections to complete the hair painting

Step 8: Rinse, tone and style

Voila! You’ve got the brightest, boldest and most seamless money piece around. 

With this technique you only have to use one toner, no shadow root necessary. 

This is the most kick-a$$, time-saving, product-saving, cost-saving technique that you can do with the best impact. It’s also less rough on your hair. 

I wanna know, will you try out this technique? 

If you want to take your balayage skills to the next level you’re gonna wanna check out my Hair Painting Outside the Lines program. 

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