Mar 12, 2024

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After listening to Dawn’s advice and working through the program I realized I should be charging for my consults and opened my books up to new clients for the first time in years. Without a big announcement over night I had two newconsult bookings that are PAID. PLus they will be paying my new prices. I’m so blown away for what this has done for my business!

UPDATE: I had my first paid consultation today using the RYC forms. I quoted her my new pricing structure and she didn’t even bat an eye plus she asked about add on services!

  • Casey Taylor, Texas USA

I started using Dawn’s custom consultations for a new extension client. It had me feeling so much more confident heading into the appointment.

Turns out my clients is a law student and said that the forms were ‘extremely professional and well thought out” She even claims that “saying it verbally is one thing but having someone sign off is where where its at when it comes to an agreement”

It felt so good hearing that. ( if only she knew I wasn’t the one who created it, thanks Dawn!)

Sam Stevens, USA

Since taking RYC I decided to start charging for my consultations. Right away my clients were basically handing me money.

Just today I did two consultations with new clients and confirmed over $2000 of future appointments.

RYC is a game changer and I’m so glad I’ve gotten this in my toolkit of knowledge.

Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

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