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How to Manifest the Right Way (and the lies you’ve been told!) with Britt Carmichael


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Have you ever wondered about manifesting? It seems that everyone has their own opinion and method on how to do it, but what’s the real truth?

In this post, I’m sitting down with Britt Carmichael to talk about manifesting the right way. 

Keep reading and you’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to properly manifest in your life

  • What you may have been doing wrong

  • Why manifestation hasn’t worked for you in the past

You’ll be confidently manifesting (the correct way) in no time! You’re gonna wanna buckle up for this one friend, it’s a good one.

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How to Properly Manifest for Your Life

There’s no denying that “manifestation” can evoke different reactions in different people. Some are all for it, while others think it’s a load of crap. And I get it, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there and sometimes when people talk about manifesting it really does seem too far out there to be true. 

That’s why I’m so excited that we have special guest, Britt Carmichael joining us for this. Britt is the founder of Shine School, a self-love course that’s helped thousands of women awaken their authentic self and reclaim their power. She’s also the author of Shine From the Inside Oracle and the co-founder of the Elevated Life Membership club. 

She really does everything. 

This year, Britt was named one of the top 20 soul coaches. She’s a trailblazing light worker, psychic medium, award-winning hairstylist, salon owner of 15 years, empowerment coach for female entrepreneurs, luxury retreat host, and 99% unicorn. 

She’s on a mission to inspire women to create a soul-filled life full of purpose, passion, and peacefulness. 

Small Town Girl

Britt describes herself as a simple, free spirit that values freedom, creativity, and inner peace. 

She grew up in a small country town with a population of less than 300. Growing up, she stood out like a sore thumb. She sees herself as a star that was forced into a square-shaped box. Now she’s working on allowing herself to be authentic and not trying to fit into a box someone else has put her in. 

There were a couple of things that inspired Britt down the path to where she is now. After working behind the chair for 15 years and listening to how women think and feel about themselves, and realizing that more often than not they felt horrible. It saddened Britt, because despite all the hard work to make them feel beautiful on the outside, if they didn’t feel beautiful on the inside then their confidence and authenticity didn’t shine through. 

The real inciting incident was her mom’s stroke in 2012 that put her on a journey of self-discovery. 

She realized that she was burning herself out, she was unhealthy, overworked and had absolutely no boundaries. She was following in the same footsteps as her hairdresser mom and she took a bold move to make a change. She didn’t want to have a stroke like her mom and she knew she needed to do something different. 

Turning Inward

Following her mom’s stroke, Britt started an inward reflection. She started asking herself where she was giving her power away and what traumas and pain from her past were affecting her in unconscious ways. 

One of the most important questions she asked herself was: why wasn’t she happy?

She had the career of her dreams, following her passion, she was married to a loving partner. On paper, she had everything required to be happy, but something was missing. 

Her mom’s stroke was an opportunity for her to look inward to find what was really missing. 

This happened around the same time as The Secret came out and Britt asked her mom, months after the incident, why she did this to herself? Her mom didn’t get defensive and honestly answered “Because everybody needed something from me.”

It was a massive wake-up call for Britt. She began asking herself more questions like:

  • Am I overgiving?

  • Am I not taking care of myself first?

  • Am I spending energy where I shouldn’t be?

And she didn’t like the answers that she discovered so she spent the next decade on a journey of self-discovery. She made small adjustments and changes and tweaks. The more she worked on herself the more she learned to accept and forgive some of the pains of her past. 

Positive Changes

Her clients began to notice that positive changes were happening with Britt. And everyone wanted to know her secret. So she began sharing with her clients her self-love principles. 

She shared about how she was taking care of herself and making herself a priority every single morning. She emphasized that it’s not selfish to take care of yourself. 

Her clients started to incorporate these into their own lives and also started seeing positive changes. 

Britt had dedicated her salon space to being a place of no-drama. She had a sign hanging on the door that said “good vibes only” and it wasn’t a suggestion. Britt really curated the conversations with her clients around dreaming big about the future or living in the present moment. 

Conversations in her salon were about cultivating the best life right now and how you can feel better in your own skin. These conversations led to the lessons that she now teaches inside of Shine School. 

Self-Care Ritual

Britt had the realization early on that even though we know that we should take care of ourselves, we still don’t do it. She had to ask herself what does she do consistently for herself every single day and that was pulling oracle cards. 

She wanted to find a way to help people stay consistently committed to their self-care rituals. Deciding that an oracle deck all about empowerment could potentially help others be more inspired to show up every day to commit to their self-care, she designed her own. 

I absolutely love this deck and it makes me so happy when I pull a card. It really is empowering and wonderful. Britt even has the option to do a virtual card pull on her website. 

Trusting Your Intuition

Britt recalls a near-death experience of being trapped on a mountain with her husband and mother-in-law. She distinctly heard her internal voice giving her very loud and clear directions on what she needed to do to keep herself safe. 

Prior to that moment, Britt didn’t know if she ever listened to her inner voice. She now teaches that you’re only as strong as your self-talk.  

It was at that moment that she made a commitment to herself to listen to that intuition and internal talk. Britt admits that it’s a constant practice and it’s not always easy. 

Humility has been huge for Britt. She believes that surrender is the energy and essence that she’s trying to strive for at all times. Realizing that you’re not in control of everything but you are in control of how you show up with your energy. 

She’s ready to ditch the competition and instead start cheering each other on with collaboration and celebrating everyone’s successes. It’s not all about you, you’re not alone and you don’t have to do it all by yourself, it’s okay to ask for help. 

3 Steps to Manifesting

When I first heard about manifestation I thought it was a total load of crap. It was played off like if I wished hard enough for an elephant it would magically appear in front of me. Britt’s here to clear up all the confusion. 

Manifestation isn’t about just sitting back and wishing. Manifestation is about getting crystal clear on what you want and making a decision. 

The biggest problem is that most of us are wishy-washy. Or we just don’t believe that we are worthy or deserving of what we really want. So ultimately, we just never make a clear and definite decision. 

Manifesting can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Get clear on what you really want

  2. Sit back and see what opportunities show up

  3. If it feels right and the opportunity arises, say yes

Remember that it’s probably not going to happen “perfectly” or exactly how you envision. When we have a tight grip of control on how it has to happen we typically suffocate the magic of what could be. 

You need to have the courage and faith to show up to that manifestation when it meets you are your door. That’s where the action comes in. 

Asking for what you want is the first step, sitting back and waiting to see what shows up is the second. When the opportunity does show up, sometimes fear and unworthiness stops us from saying “yes”. Maybe it doesn’t look perfect or we don’t know step #10, but really, all we need to do is take the first step. 

You have the power. You might sometimes confuse your power for anxiety, but it’s your magic wanting to come out and wanting to show you new things to take you to new heights outside your comfort zone. All you need to do is have the courage to say “yes”. 

Wow! It was absolutely incredible to hang out with Britt. I swear we could keep talking for hours. Her perspective on things always brings something that has me walking going whoa. 

I’d absolutely love to hear from you: what’s the one thing from this episode that you’re walking away going whoa? Shoot me a DM over on Instagram @dawnbradleyhair. 

If you wanna hang out with Britt you can find her on Instagram @worldbybritt, or check out her website here with all her offerings. 

Thanks for hanging out, it’s been such a great time and I’ll see ya in the next one, friend. 

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