Sep 12, 2020

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What I Wish Someone Woulda Taught Me (Life as a soloprenuer)


Tell me if you’ve ever heard yourself say something like this before:

 “My clients aren’t just my clients, they’re my friends.” 

Sound familiar? Same, I TOTALLY get it. 

we get into this industry because we are natural caregivers who want to help. 

You care about your clients and you’ve developed strong bonds with them over the years. You really do view them as friends, not just clients or customers. 

You share their joy and excitement as if it’s your own, on the other hand, that also means you feel their sadness and sorrow. When one of your “friends” comes in for their appointment and starts venting about the struggles they’re facing – whether it be the loss of a job, a recent divorce, or even the loss of a loved one – you feel for them so deeply that the wheels start turning on how you can fix it or make it better for them.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here:

 I bet you’ve found yourself at one point…

  • Offering to discount a service.

  • Giving away a service.

  • Telling your clients “not to worry” because you’ll do anything for them.


I’ve so been there! I’ve seen so many amazing stylists start to discount or give away their services because they want to make their clients feel better.

This empathy that you have for others is a wonderful and incredible thing, don’t think that what I’m about to tell you devalues that gift. 

Your client has come in to see you with full intentions of paying. No doubt you already give so much to them emotionally that they’re looking forward to the care that you will give them and how much that will help with their emotional stress. 

you don’t need to discount your services to help someone out. 

You, just as you are, is what you give to people. Your presence is enough. You are already a gift to your clients. That empathy that you have shows them that you’re there for them. The space you hold as you listen to them shows them that you care. 

Know that. And not only that, believe it. Stop devaluing yourself or your services. Continue to give the gift of your presence and yourself to everyone you meet. 

It’s possible to take care of your business AND take care of others at the same time. I promise.

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