Aug 15, 2022

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How to Understand Your Human Design with Sarai Speer


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If you’re wondering about human design and how it can help you gain confidence and successfully run your business, you are in for a treat. I’m sitting down with special guest, Sarai Speer to dive deeper into human design.

Keep reading and you’ll walk away knowing:

  • What human design really is

  • How it can help you better understand yourself

  • How to create a fulfilling life

You’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and how you work. This will help you confidently create the life and business of your dreams.

Buckle up, friend, ‘cause this is gonna be a good one.

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How to Understand Your Human Design

The first question you’re probably asking is “what is human design?”. And that’s a great question. To quote Sarai: it’s weird.

But in the best possible way. It’s a kind of blueprint map that explains why we are the way we are. 

Sarai only recently discovered human design and she’s absolutely hooked. She actually listened to a bunch of podcasts about it on her 5-hour drive to Oklahoma City. Essentially, her entire life makes sense now.

I like to say that Human Design is like a personality test combined with astrology. It helps explain how you work as a person and how to thrive. 

The Personality Types

There are 12 personality types in the Human Design and both Sarai and I happen to be the 2/4.

The first number is how you see yourself and the second number is how the world sees you. 

Two is a natural, also known as the hermit. Twos are naturally good at things and things come easy to us. It can be frustrating when people ask us to explain how we did something because we don’t really know, we just do it. Twos recharge by being alone.

Fours are basically the opposite of the 2. They’re a people person. While 2s recharge from being alone, 4s recharge by being surrounded by people.

Sarai jokes all the time that she loves and hates people at the same time. 

2/4s are walking paradoxes. They could be considered ambiverts in certain situations.

Human Design Traits

With Human Design, there are certain “traits” that each person has that help us better understand how we react when things don’t go our way, how to achieve our goals, and how we feel when we’re in alignment.

I’ve always thought that it’s funny how people see me differently than how I see myself. Sarai actually appreciates this and thinks that it’s good she doesn’t see herself the way others do as it keeps her from getting an ego.

For both Sarai and myself, when we’re not living in our design we end up frustrated. 

Another part of the Human Design chart is learning what your strongest sense is. For Sarai, this is “feeling”. She’s really good at picking up on vibes. She’s the first to admit she can’t read your aura or anything quite that intense. But when she first meets someone she can automatically tell if she’ll get along with them or not.

My strongest sense is touch and I’ll be totally honest with you, that didn’t exactly feel right when I first read it. I don’t consider myself a “touchy-feely” person. But the more I thought about it I realized I do enjoy being close with certain people (like my family, friends, and clients). I suppose being a hairstylist who’s literally touching people’s hair also makes sense.

I feel like even though I knew these things about my Human Design chart, I’m still learning more about myself.

Keep Your Sparkle

One big thing I’ve been working on is embracing who I really am. I write in my journal every day “I’m confident in my weirdness”. I remember a family member telling me years ago that I overshare too much. I really internalized that and made a conscious effort to change who I was around other people.

I know I’m not the only one who’s let the outside world dull my sparkle. 

Whether it was experiences in our childhood, young adulthood, adult relationships, social media, or elsewhere; those experiences can begin to dull our sparkle if we listen to the outside noise and forget to connect with ourselves.

To Sarai, that’s what Human Design is really about. It’s about getting centered and getting in alignment with your true self.

When you’re living in alignment with your truth and what feels good to you, that’s when you’re living your best life. 

I used to pride myself in being, what I called, a “professional chameleon”. I was so good at fitting myself into situations, but I was never genuine. Learning to let people be uncomfortable with who I am has been really hard, but so rewarding.

I don’t need to make other people comfortable. I do need to make myself comfortable.

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How You Manifest

A big part of Human Design is how we manifest things. Now we’re not talking about manifesting your dreams into reality, if you wanna learn more about that, check out this post with Britt Carmichael. We’re talking about your way of bringing things that you want into your reality.

Sarai is a “nonspecific” manifestor and for her, this was probably the most eye-opening moment of her Human Design.

She had always felt a pressure to create and have a 5-year plan and she’d get frustrated when she didn’t know what her next step was. There was an unspoken expectation for a business owner or an entrepreneur to know those things.

But the thing about being a nonspecific generator is that you’re not supposed to know where you’re heading. The only thing you ever have is a general idea. 

Sarai used to find herself set on creating something very specific and she’d put her blinders on and get lost in creating. The problem was she lost her joy and passion when she got so focused on a certain goal, even if that wasn’t what her goal needed to be.

Learning her Human Design has helped Sarai get a better understanding of herself. It’s allowed her to have more grace and freedom to do things her own way.

If you want to find out more about your own Human Design, you can check out more through this link here. Don’t feel pressured to take what doesn’t resonate with you, you don’t have to follow this perfectly.

It even took Sarai a few months before her own design really resonated with her. It can be a tool to have to help you better understand yourself and how you work best.

I seriously love hanging out with Sarai so much. I swear we could talk for hours. It was so much fun to realize that we’re basically the same human. If you want to find out more about Sarai check her out her Blonding Crew here

I’ll see ya next time, friend.

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