Apr 19, 2021

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Jamie Dana & The Business Of Instagram


I know I’m not the only creative out there who struggles with anxiety. But I’m pretty sure we can all agree that it sucks. For a long time I felt so alone in my struggles. Like no one understood what I was feeling.

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‘I have a passion for connecting with other hairstylists and creating a community of like-minded artists. This is such an incredible industry that I am so thankful to be a part of. I am constantly striving to learn more about the hair industry and to grow as a creative.’

I’m so excited to share with you my conversation with Jamie.

It’s been so fun to watch her grow her biz and see OH HOT GRAM become the huge success it is today. Recently she co-founded EMBER RETREAT, and I am beyond pumped  to be speaking at it in Palm Springs this September.

Jamie went from a studio stylist with a 5K Instagram following to being a business educator for hairstylists with over a 50K following. She’s passionate about helping others, and I’m thrilled to have gotten to chat with her all about it.

We get right into it and talk all about the growth of our businesses while being introverts and how busy doesn’t always mean productive. She shares how she creates that perfect Instagram photo and how using hair models is a great way to capture it.

We get into the hot topic of comparison, how slippery a slope it is, how staying focused is the best way around it, and things to do to combat it.

It’s a fun filled episode jam packed of goodness. If you’re a hairstylist, salon owner, or a creative solo-prenuer you won’t want to miss this.

Find Jamie on Instagram at @jamiedanahairstylist

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