Apr 13, 2021

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Easiest Money Piece Technique With Clay Lightener


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WOW your clients with this money piece technique

Let’s travel back in time for a moment…

We’re going back to the 1990s (yup, I know, that’s a long time ago…). I want you to imagine lots of denim (like, all the denim), tiny sunglasses, boy bands and girl bands and neon colors used in the worst way. 

Are you there? Do you have your discman on, listening to the Backstreet Boys?

Okay perfect. Now it’s time to get your hair done! Fun, right?!

You sit down at the salon and reach for the hair magazines (omg, do you remember the hair magazines???), Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Silverstone grace the covers of most of them, the feathered layer look was all the rage. 

You slide past those and come across something *new* and *exciting*: the bleached bang!

Ginger Spice sits staring straight into your eyes with a bold blonde bang and the rest of her hair bright red

It’s everything your edgy self has been looking for in a hairstyle. You just HAVE to have it!

After your hair appointment, you stop by the corner store and grab a ring pop while you walk back home with your discman and your Backstreet Boys. 

*scene fades to black*

Alright, you’re back in 2021 and you realize just how much of a mistake the bleached bangs were and you wish that you never have to relive that moment again. 

Now, you’re a hairstylist yourself and are trying to perfect the new, “money piece” look that everyone is wanting. But you keep having war flashbacks of the bleached bang moment in the 90s. 

How can you give your client a bright, popping money piece without leaving them with the 90s bleached bang look?

I gotchu. 

To be honest, I think a lot of people are creating the money piece incorrectly. A lot of stylists think that the money piece is the 90s bleached bang look, when in fact, the money piece is the brightness around the entire hairline. 

I’m walking you through step-by-step how to create a bright money piece using clay lightener. 

Money Piece Technique Using Clay Lightener

Watch my youtube tutorial for the full and complete breakdown

Step 1: Mix up your clay lightener for max lift

I’m using Redken Free Hand lightener with 40 volume developer. 

Step 2: Starting at the nape of the neck apply your clay lightener

Remember to use tension, elevation and pressure

PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to apply a lot of product. You want the hair to be completely opaque

Step 3: Create the blend on the strand 

Feathering it out as you get closer to the root to create a rooted look on the strand. This will allow you to skip the shadow root step. 

PRO TIP: Apply your lightener on the backside of the strand to create 3-dimensional color

Step 4: Continue around the hairline with perpendicular partings

As you get closer to the front hairline you can get closer to the root

Step 5: Create the internal dimension by creating a ‘u’ shape

Step 6: Continue applying lightener to the rest of the head

To learn more about my placement you can check out my online Hair Painting Outside the Lines program

Step 7: Rinse, tone and style

Don’t forget to snap those pics of your gorgeous client!

How freakin’ cool is that?! 7 Simple steps to creating a bright money piece using clay lightener. 

I wanna hear from you, will you be trying this technique on your clients? Did you ever have some funky hair in the 90s? You know I love hearing from you! Shoot me a DM over on Instagram @dawnbradleyhair. 

See ya next time, friend!

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